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  1. Anyone from the Toronto area able to get decent tickets? I'm looking at both Danforth and Richmond Hill but seat options are completely shit right now, like barely anything shows up. Only two seat options I see at Danforth are pricedat $232 and the only options for Richmond Hill are wheelchair seats. Crossing my fingers I can get decent tickets once it opens up to the general public. Does anyone think a good number of tickets may have already been sold this quickly?
  2. Stubhub only allows me to buy two tickets. I'm going by myself :|
  3. Can anyone help me? I still can't buy pit tickets for Dec 17th Hamilton gig :( It's going to be my first Matt Good concert... I really wanna get good seats.
  4. Thank you, but unfortunately that didn't work. Thanks for the tip. Found quite a few tickets there... just a bit overpriced I suppose.
  5. Hey everyone. I just signed up to this forum and was hoping someone could help me. I´ve been a Matthew Good fan for over 15 years now. Living in Brazil and being brazilian has always made things tough when it comes to seeing my favorite artists. I`ve been to Canada twice but always missed Matt's tours. I'm migrating to Canada later this year and I'm going to be able to catch him live for this tour's final gig in Hamilton - I'll be living in Toronto but will only land on December 8, so I'll miss both gigs in the city. I'm trying to buy a pit seat for myself in Hamilton but I need an offer code. I've already reached out to Matt on twitter and on instagram hoping I can get one so I can save my seat as early as possible - as this is going to be a dream come true for me. Can anyone help me getting an offer code for the Hamilton gig? I couple of years back I almost caught Matt live in Canada but I ended up not being able to make it as I was in NYC. I emailed him and answered me back saying that if I happened to make it to the show he'd grant me backstage access to meet him. Since then that gmail of his has been disabled and I couldn't get a hold of him again. I hope you all understand and are able to help me somehow. Thanks a lot!
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