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  1. Also you’ve right pissed me off @foats I was a fan of Matt’s most of my life. My first concert of his was at 10years old for godsake. I am just as entitled to my place in this forum as anyone else. If you go through my post history it’s all my fucking covers of his music, my many many many shows per tour, all the merch I’ve bought. I am allowed to be mad. I am allowed to be disappointed in what’s transpired. I am allowed to want better from Matt. And for accountability.
  2. I’ve been a member here for a long time. So I don’t know how you can say I’m coming here to bash him? I just don’t think a lot of you are thinking about any of the women here when you’re spouting this garbage. And yeah, cool. Good point man, would anyone care? Probably not because people don’t believe women when we come forward. So... and for everyone touting how great the new music is you’re enjoying Hayley’s music right there. This was the album they worked on together and *her* sound is all over it. i didn’t come here to bash any one. Just point out the “patterns” y’all seem to b
  3. Hell yeah. Louder for the ones in the back. Where’s @uglyredhonda it’s getting gross in here without you
  4. Why is it you guys see all these “patterns” with Hayley, but not with Matt??? Matt is literally a professional victim? Constantly deleting all his shit instead of taking responsibility for himself or any of his actions. How about the abuse pattern confirmed and spoken to by many other women not just Hayley? if you guys hate women, just say that. Jesus.
  5. Here’s the thing. These accusations aren’t magically popping up. No one believes women. So women don’t want to come forward. When one finally does, bravely I might add cause this shit is a lot of work and it’s exhausting, other women feel like someone might actually believe them. And even still, with close to 30 women now coming forward it’s still all where’s the proof, how do we know it’s true, cancel culture this and that. and yeah, I think Chris is really onto something here with pointing out the lack of women commenting here. Why would they? That kind of language and all this d
  6. I’m Emmit643 on SoundCloud. I haven’t uploaded in a really long time, but I have a good handful of MG covers on there. I’m not much of a guitar player, but an okay vocalist
  7. Yeah I put some of my refund back into the MG store; if you don’t have it already I recommend the MW pullover hoodie. Super cozy. It’s one of the only clothes pieces I didn’t get in person at the shows I made it to before the pandemic shut down. i think I’ve received all my refunds now; but the Montreal eveneko one took the longest.
  8. I saw it on the sessions app, so I imagine it’s online. But yeah, definitely if anyone gets the promo code...hmu
  9. I dunno if you guys saw this on sessions live or not but next Tuesday there seems to be a free show for Canadian Amex card holders. Alas, I have no Amex so no show for me. But if you do...hop on that I guess. sad I can’t join lol
  10. So, someone sent this to me via fb messenger and apparently it might not stay up too long but if you missed the show or had tech complications it is currently on YouTube (for now!) Link removed Heyyy *waves* hasn’t 2020 been a time. lol
  11. In the chat on Session now. Foats was mentioning the forum, so here I am checking in for the first time in forever lol
  12. I'm really curious about the decision to go back to We Have Done This Before, We Will Do It Again and incorporate part of it into the song Parts. Like did he have the rest of the song and he fit the section in, did he like that section and build the song around it...I just gots to know!! lol I was (and still am) super smitten with that demo. So having the album close out on Parts just puts me in my feels. Get shivers.
  13. It's "Parts". Listening right now. Only a very small section made it in. But it sounds so good. (sad that most of it got the chop, but I like it.)
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