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  1. Hey y’all. Long time no login. see you in Kingston, Ottawa x2 and Montreal. Maybe if I’m feeling crazy I might add Toronto. But we’ll see XD Side note: I was very surprised that for a full band show...Corona theatre was assigned seats and not GA??? Even for the seated acoustic show it was still GA. So, yeah. Curveball surprise. I would’ve hauled ass to get my Montreal ticket first this morning before Ottawa if I had known that lol.
  2. The other night in Kingston, Avalanche was on the setlist but he swapped it out. Hoping to hear it tonight in Toronto.
  3. @uglyredhondai think I see you! You’re at the Toronto show tonight?
  4. Sweet! How It Goes was in the VIP acoustic soundchecks I went to in 2015. I have just a little clip of it on my phone that I listen to sometimes. I love it.
  5. That was the one that at the Beautiful Midnight Revisited tour had me in tears (I honestly had no idea I was going to react like that, it came as a surprise). When I saw it on the setlist for Nanaimo I jumped. I really hope I get to hear it acoustic. Mind you, I dunno if I can handle it! Full band had me crying silent tears- would the beauty of it acoustically have me wailing?? lol
  6. Bummer about missing the shows, but congrats on your baby!
  7. The posted setlist has the new song listed as « Radicals ». man. I’m so excited. I love Matt full band- but nothing compares to solo acoustic. And it’s been so long since I’ve gotten to be at a solo acoustic show! so, my list was modest before. Since then I have added both Toronto and Montreal lol. I will be at Ottawa, Kingston/VIP, Toronto Wednesday show, and Montreal/VIP. I toyed with adding the second Toronto show but it makes my travel timeline for Montreal VIP a little too tight. But who knows, I’m a whimsical person. Maybe I’ll make a last second decision to switch it around and go. I’m really glad to see Men at the Door on the list. I know older songs carry a lot more attachment for most, but that one acoustic really stuck with me. I love it. I got to see him do it at that Facebook Live thing in Toronto when he did the q&a with Raine; it’s haunting.
  8. Right?!? Well, I got my early xmas gift of VIP for Kingston! So I probably will go ahead and buy myself a Montreal ticket; old habits die hard haha.
  9. Hello All, long time no talk lol. I am now a broke university student (something possessed me to go to university, thinking now maybe it’s a mistake lol. All I do is school work and have no money) So my modest list of shows this round are Ottawa and Kingston. I AM BEYOND STOKED TO HEAR MATT GOOD ACOUSTIC IN A FREAKING CHURCH. CHURCH ACOUSTICS ARE GOING TO BE INSANE. I might actually die. My fingers are crossed for VIP for Kingston. I asked for it for Christmas. But we’ll see. If I don’t do VIP, I will probably snag a Montreal ticket closer to the date. I hope the VIP just stays on sale for a while. Cause in that case I’ll buy it for myself further down the line. For the Ottawa show, there wasn’t any online access to presale as far as I know (couldn’t find it) so I called the venue when presale was supposed to be happening and the lady on the phone secured me a front row ticket. Generally my Ottawa presale luck is not that good! So I’m pretty stoked for that. I thought all the tickets were going to be 90$ (after seeing the Neat cafe prices released before the tickets went on sale) so I had made peace with only going to one show. Pretty stoked to get 2 shows for under 100$ :D
  10. emmit643

    RIP Marcella

    It's really sad. When you know someone in a context like this, through music, the internet, liking photos on instagram and chatting about songs and stuff you don't get the full picture. But you still feel connected. Marcy talked openly about her struggles and her fight too. Which deepens the personal though still distant/different connection. I wish I had something better to say than I wish I could've done something for her. I feel the loss. I hope she knows the positive impact and touch she had on people's lives and that she'll be missed.
  11. He’s back. Commenting is disabled. For the best for now I think.
  12. Barbara Livesey said he’s fine now :)
  13. Raine posted on Instagram that Matt has his sass back and is doing better. I’m really glad. I’m also really glad I wasn’t at that show because I don’t think I could’ve handled witnessing that.
  14. Poor Matt. I hope everything turns out okay! Rooting for ya, Matt!
  15. Apparently I'm supposed to hear from TD Place. I have only heard from them that I will "hear from them soon" so far. But I don't really know what they'll do now after the fact. :/ Like jeez, just advertise it that way and I won't bother with floor. But seriously, why pay 40-60$ more than those in the stands to have worse sight lines?!?! lol. There were these two sub-sections of to the sides on the floor (we were the centre block)- I imagine they could literally see nothing.
  16. Ahahaha yes! At the Ottawa show right after he said it, i turned to Kelly and was like « did he just say, ‘good grains’?! » lol Although major props to Raine for not missing a beat while he stumbled over a speaker and did a literal somersault. Sang through the whole somersault lol. Very comical. On a less than happy note, was really unimpressed with the « floor » layout for the Ottawa concert. For Matt, we were able to get out of our second row seats and make it right to the front right by Stu and Matt. No one made us sit down. But for OLP security was around enforcing you to stay in your seats. Neither venue or security would take ownership of who’s orders this was. The 5 front row seats in front of us were empty. Box office closed so they wouldn’t exchange our tickets which cost the same. And the sight lines were bad.
  17. Two different guitars. Figuring out which one was gonna work better balancing the sound levels for the venue I believe! And yes!!!!!!! Laura i didn’t know you took a picture yayayyyyyyy And I did record about Bullets from the second verse on at sound check. It’s coming!
  18. Man. I really hope that between my 3 shows I get to see Bullets live. Fingers crossed. Bummer about the encore though. I was pretty stoked for the collab. So hopefully it comes along.
  20. I asked them if they’d just sell me half the package, since no one bid on it. Fingers crossed!
  21. It works out to 187.50 each (for two, one for me one for someone else) I asked them to reopen the auction for me but my second person fell through. And then they opened it back up for meeeee and now I feel guilty!!!
  22. Anyone want to split on the VIP/GA auction package with me??? It’s a good value but only if I can find someone to take/pay for the second half!
  23. Hey all! A friend of mine has a ticket to the Massey Hall show that they will no longer be needing. "Row E Seat 44 $87 American "; right side orchestra (aisle seat) Paypal is reuqested and you need a ticketmaster account so she can transfer the ticket to you. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll pass your contact info along!
  24. Facebook on OLP’s page or MG’d page. Just a post saying which shows you were going to attend.
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