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  1. Is this what you're looking for? https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/360288038919015064/
  2. In all honesty, I just can't fathom to spend that much money on vinyl. I'll eventually find it at a decent price, i'm sure.
  3. I'm gonna pass on this concert. I can't stand to go to another "hits" concert. And while I risk that that there could be a lot of music from the new album, OLP just doesn't do it for me anymore.
  4. I've been searching for the Lights of Endangered Species vinyl for years, cause I stupidly didn't buy it when it originally came out. I have Avalanche and am incredibly thankful I was smart enough to buy it when it was release. Lights is probably tied for my favourite album (with Avalanche). Copes of Lights sell for $114CDN on Discogs. And here I am, kicking myself.
  5. All this talk about Avalanche made me look up the release date - March 4 2003! God, I'm getting old.
  6. Peeterr

    New Album 2017

    That CBC Q interview - Tom Power is just such a loveable fella. "I like speaking to you..."
  7. I wouldn't lose any sleep if I never heard Hello Time Bomb again, but a lot of casual fans go to his concerts to hear his hits.
  8. I just took a walk in part of the west end of downtown Toronto and visited two record stores. The LP wasn't available at either record store. Frustrating!
  9. Did anyone else notice during the YouTube show that the lead guitar on this song was tracked?
  10. Hey, can anyone tell me what time everyone went on stage for the Toronto shows? I noticed it says doors at 7 - does that mean opener at 8 and Matt at 9?
  11. Just picked up Raygun and LOTGA (vinyl) for $15 each at HMV if anyone is interested. Though, I did pick up the last copies at Yonge/Dundas
  12. I suspect we will probably never see Milos playing bass with Matt again.
  13. I got the digital download. Can someone post the notes/credits? Really annoyed they didnt give a digital booklet with the download. Always love reading who plays on what songs and who the artist thanks.
  14. Matt mentioned during one of his interviews that Bones Hillman is playing bass with him this tour. He mentioned that he couldn't give up the chance to have someone he's admired tour with him. Anthony Wright posted on Facebook a bit ago that he won't be touring with Matt this time around.
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