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  1. Mira's right.......picking one favourite song is damn near impossible. The best I could do is a top 15! Avalanche While We Were Hunting Rabbits Double Life We're so Heavy Inescapable Us Great Whales of the Sea The Vancouver National Anthem Non Populus Suburbia Tripoli Truffle Pigs Girls in Black Generation X-Wing (acoustic) 99% of us is Failure A Single Explosion What's great is this list is always changing....which is a testament to how diverse and deep Matt's catalogue is.
  2. Yep......I think $50-60 would be a happy medium, and fair for both fans and artist. But to justify the $105 list price, he'd have to play 30-40 songs, and we know that ain't gonna happen, understandably. So that makes this borderline gouging, as far as I'm concerned. Sorry to be critical at the end of such an amazing tour, but I felt I needed to address this.
  3. At first I thought $105 was a typo, so I double-checked and yep, that's the price.......plus seven a buck service charge! I know this is one good, final way for Matt to generate revenue at the end of the tour (not having to pay the band for these two shows), but sorry, that price for a solo accoustic show is just excessive. Especially compared to the ticket price for his solo U.S. tour in '12, which was $20-25, and his solo show at the Rio, which was $30-35. I usually don't think twice about price for my favourite artists, but in this case, if these shows were local, I'd pass.
  4. Matt's video playlist: Life's What You Make It -- Talk Talk Video Games -- Lana Del Ray Gold Lion -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs The One I Love -- R.E.M. Once In A Lifetime -- Talking Heads Bobcaygeon -- The Tragically Hip This Is Hardcore -- Pulp Coax Me -- Sloan Rows Of Houses -- Dan Mangan Just -- Radiohead Hurt -- Johnny Cash Bastards Of Young -- The Replacements The Playlist videoflow that followed Curated also opened with All You Sons And Daughters and Apparitions. It's the least they could do for Matt really.......and also cool he didn't play any of his own videos during Curated. I'm sure plenty of artists would have! I have to think Warner pulled some strings to make this happen. Kudos to them and Much.
  5. This really surprised me.....I had pretty much written that channel off. I was under the impression they didn't even play music videos anymore, except for overnight, just to fill licensing requirements. After all, they even dropped 'music' from their name, in a move that was probably a decade overdue. Let's just hope they play the vids in their entirety, instead of just snippets to cater to those lacking in attention spans.
  6. Thanks to everyone who's contributed to the concert etiquette discussion. It's been cathartic reading, as it addresses some big pet peeves of mine. When it comes to the sitting vs. standing debate, I'm sympathetic to both sides of the argument. At any other public event -- sports games, theatre productions, whatever -- I believe constant standing is rude and unacceptable. But in the case of a rock concert, I'll always defer to the people standing, even if they're in the numerical minority. Simply by virtue of displaying more energy and noise and movement, they're contributing to the show's atmosphere, which is important at a loud, high-energy event. I believe a yin-yang relationship exists between musicians and fans, at least when a lively crowd is reciprocating the energy an artist is putting forth. It goes beyond being a spectator. It's about being an active participant in something potentially special. And live music shows always hold that potential; it's a sacred experience as far as I'm concerned. At least when someone like Matt's playing. Using the Vogue in Vancouver as an example, this issue could be rectified by making the show General Admission and removing seats from the floor (as in the majority of Vogue shows). This would allow people who want to stand, to congregate by the stage and people who want sit to occupy the seats at the back, sides and balcony. Dan Mangan did this for his shows, and his concerts don't rock-out quite as much as Matt's. The problem with GA shows is they prevent an artist from offering tiered pricing, as Matt has done the last several tours, including the front rows offered in the VIP packages. I think the desire to sit down can be attributed to an aging fan base. During the popularity boom of MGB in the 90's, I think the people attending shows were predominantly 15-25, so you know they weren't going to sit. As far as the desire to talk during a concert?? I have absolutely no idea. I find the trend unfathomable, and frankly a little scary. If people don't have the attention span to stand and watch a brilliant artist plying his craft, what WILL they stand and watch?! People are already so hung up on their smart phones I guess it's too much to expect them to shut off the rest of the world and just immerse themselves in the music. I went down as well, and was late for the show due to that place's unusual location. Let's say it's not exactly on Seattle Tourism's most-visited list. So anyway, I walk in late, but was surprised and happy to see just about everyone standing around talking. I thought to myself, 'Cool.....Matt's not on yet, I didn't miss anything!' But of course he WAS on, and only a small minority was watching without talking. You're not exaggerating that 80% figure, it was at least that much. Sure, they paid their money, so I guess they had the right to talk, but why the hell would you?! They paid $15-20 for the ticket, so why not get your money's worth? And as hard as I try, I can never completely block out the talkers and only listen to the music. Maybe next tour Matt could let VIPers plug into the soundboard and listen on their headphones so we won't have to hear the yapping idiots! The acoustic show at the Rio a year ago restored some of my faith though. You could hear a pin drop during most of that show, except when a chick flipped out on her boyfriend for spilling beer on her -- and who could blame her?! Sorry for the novel-length post.....I won't be hurt if you passed it over.......brevity ain't my specialty!
  7. It's too bad, but probably not that surprising.......Matt doesn't seem to have a high opinion of the album. That's just him being too hard on himself. It's not his best LP but it's still a really good listen. I'd have no problem if a number of Arrows songs were setlist regulars.......the title track, VD, Had it Coming, Garden of Knives and Guns of Carolina. It'll be interesting which -- and how many -- CN tracks become regular songs in his live rotation. Seeing the way he's used Girls in Black I'd have to think it would become a setlist staple. And rightly so......watching him come into the crowd and belt that out was amazing. As for one of the slower CN tunes he'd keep around.....I'd guess maybe Los Alamos, seeing as he's performed it acoustically as well.
  8. It seems Apparitions, Load Me Up, Time Bomb and Giant are his four 'old song' staples. All very good songs obviously, but I'd be okay seeing them switched out for just about anything at this point -- just for sake of variety. But I'd also be okay if he only performed solo material and didn't play any MGB songs at all.......so I don't think I exactly represent popular fan opinion! I thought Rabbits would be a staple too.....but I think he'll eventually find a spot in the setlist for that -- hopefully sooner than later. I know at one point he loved performing it, but I'm thinking it may be a bit taxing on his vocal chords. I'm loving the influx of Chaotic songs though.....can't wait to see those live. If they don't satisfy the casual fans hoping to 'hear the hits'.......well, that's too bad!
  9. A few days ago I may have agreed with the criticism of the album's lack of flow. But that was before I'd listened to it on CD from start to finish. I put it on last night while driving, and for some reason the demos faded away and the songs sounded fresh to my ears. Granted, just about everything sounds better at night behind the wheel, but everything just works for me. Even the less complicated songs still fit due to the production. I understand it may be hard to categorize Matt's songwriting on this one, but maybe that's just the evolution (dare I say brilliance?) of his work. The tracks really do seem to be a hybrid of Lights and Arrows, but that's okay. Right now, I like the album better than either of those. And they were pretty damn great!
  10. I only heard a couple demos while they were up on the website, so I'd love to hear them all too, just to make an immediate comparison with the album tracks. But I guess I have a ways to go....
  11. Tonnes of media appearances, including a Twitter Q&A, and I've missed it all! I'm wondering if it will translate into album sales, but I guess the free exposure can't hurt. If nothing else, it's a good reminder that Matt is still cranking out great music. Kudos to Warner for this whole album rollout.....they've built things up nicely.
  12. I see (missed that part).......I've had good success waiting out scalpers lately. But who knows if resellers are even bothering with this tour. And I'm not familiar with the venue.....so I suppose there aren't as many floor tickets available as other venues.
  13. Those two songs and Van. National Anthem are my holy trinity (or holy grails?) of songs I'd like to see performed live. I doubt he'll ever do nat. anthem, partly due to its length, but that's too bad. It might be the strongest socio-political statement he's ever recorded, and that's saying something. It's such a meaningful critique of the city, plus it just rocks the hell out. Whales and Us Remains are great rockers that should be relatively easy to sing and play, so they could easily be sandwiched between some of the more complicated and challenging songs in the set. Alas, I'd settle for just one of them! Sit tight........there's three months until the show. I can almost guarantee you a single ticket will be available somewhere before then. Probably on Stubhub, but keep checking Ticketfly too (as crappy as they are to deal with).
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of Milos' personality, and keeping the boys upbeat and loose throughout the tour, and also having a positive effect on Matt, since they seem to be pretty good friends. But in terms of stage presence -- you're absolutely right. While he was hitting his notes, he'd often be flat-footed and looking like he was just going through the motions (surprising, given his seemingly extroverted personality). While on the other side Jimmy would be working up a sweat just shreading away. Granted, guitarists are usually more reserved than bassists. I'm thinking Milos' lack of enthusiasm might be because he's normally used to playing slower and softer R&B and jazz. That's obviously a lot different than performing a rock stage show. Although Anthony has the same musical background and he usually looked like he was having a blast up there. I think his key playing really added a cool dimension to Matt's live tunes. If I was on Twitter I'd ask Matt for more Vancouver songs this tour. But alas, we'll just have to hope.
  15. A little disappointed to hear Milos and Anthony aren't touring with Matt this time. Both guys have a great sense of humour and it seemed like they kept the atmosphere light, maybe even creating some comraderie among the crew that was lacking on previous tours, at least compared to the band days. I like Jimmy's playing, but it's cool to see Stu back. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he played on the Vancouver tour. I'm still kicking myself for missing it, so I'm hoping that because Stu is familiar with that album, Matt will put some of those songs back into the set. Maybe not, but I can hope! I would have liked to see more Van songs played on the Lights and Arrows tours.
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