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  1. I’ve just finished watching the rest of the interview and I just have to say - Daniel: thank you so much for doing this interview. And also to Ian and John for agreeing to do this. I could have listened to it go on for hours!! I didn’t get into MGB with LOTGA - for me it was (of all songs) Indestructible that got me to buy the Underdogs album. It’s still a sentimental favourite to this day because of that. For me - Underdogs was the first album I could listen to front to back and then on repeat again...it just worked. So after Underdogs ran its course and before Beautiful Midnight, I started to search out whatever MGB stuff I could to fill the void. And part of that was driven by the Symbolistic White Walls performance at Snowjob on MuchMusic. I just loved that song...how heavy it was and full of a certain sort of passion and anger. I had to have it. That’s when I learned about Raygun and LOTGA and I had to get my local CD store to special order them. Raygun was an immediate favourite because it more closely resembled the Underdogs sound than LOTGA, but over time LOTGA grew on me. I realized that I wished I had LOTGA when it first came out, and not a few years after the fact. The sound just felt like (and still does) that it speaks to a certain part of my life...a bridging between my childhood and into adulthood. (I was 21 when Underdogs came out and had recently moved away from home for the first time in my life for my first “real” job which was in radio of all things which presented its own opportunities to hear new MGB material) I’m not a musician - so I don’t understand how everything works. I just know what sounds good to me. And as much as Matt has grown and improved over time and he’s got a great band now....I miss Geoff’s bass. And I miss Ian’s drums. (Ian is the first drummer that I actually have listened to songs where I sometimes try to consciously block out the other instruments because his work is just so amazing and innovative). And now with all this talk of Euphony and 15 Hours, it makes me want to go dig those CD’s and cassette out of the box I have them hidden away in and rip them onto my computer and phone. Can’t even recall exactly how I got them... Guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow Thx again John, Ian and Daniel!
  2. This thread has been absolutely fantastic - thank you John!!
  3. I’ve only had time to watch the first 27 minutes but this is great! And to finally find out why Omissions was left off the vinyl pressing!
  4. I’m really liking this....have to admit I’ve got a couple of other electronics artists on my phone and every once in a while the mood is just right for them.
  5. My wife got me this poster autographed and framed it for me as a Christmas gift...it’s hanging proudly in our house
  6. Does anybody know what happened to the video footage from that show that the live video of Decades was professionally shot? I thought there was going to be a DVD or something coming out of that concert?
  7. Very cool to read these. Re: the Sept 15th 2001 show in Saskatoon - I had tickets to that concert. Then September 11th happened and everything was cancelled
  8. Wow - that Sicily cover is impressive!
  9. Yep - this album is a grower. First few listens was “okay” but with each listen, it keeps growing on you. Makes me want to go back to LOES and the slower songs on Chaotic Neutral, with no desire to listen to AOD or even the older rock albums. It’s like this is what he was meant to be. Wonderful to see how an artist can grow and change. Bravo, Matt.
  10. Really loving A Thousand Tons. Wouldn’t be out of place on Loser Anthems....right after Flight Recorder From Viking 7.
  11. All of this My favourite songs on Chaotic Neutral are exactly these. And think about it - I was 23 when Beautiful Midnight came out. I also squeezed into the mosh pit when MGB played Edgefest, hung out at the bar every weekend until 2am with my buddies listening to MGB and would do it all over again and again every single weekend. Now - I’m 43, I’m a grandpa (serious), my favourite piece of furniture in our house is my bed, I’m ready to go sleep at 9pm every night, and my body aches every morning when I wake up. Can’t even imagine my 23 year old self anymore. My last MG show was sitting at a table in a casino watching him play. No mosh pit. No jumping. No yelling to “play Time Bomb!!!” And it was my most favourite concert yet. I find myself now listening more to artists who are in the so-called latter stages of their careers (and frankly who I think are better now than ever) or exploring the back catalogues of artists who have passed away - and who will never write another new song again. I don’t stream music. I still buy digital downloads but I also want to physically own a copy and have it in my hands, so I buy the CD and often the vinyl. And I am grateful for these artists’ passion. Because I know I could never do what they do.
  12. So hauntingly beautiful. Not gonna lie...I choked up/teared up when I saw his facial expressions at 1:08 for the first time
  13. Thx for posting this - such a great tune live. Wish I could find LOES (the song) live on video somewhere. I remember not being a huge fan of this song when I first heard it but he opened the Calgary show with it and it was amazing - completely changed my mind on it!
  14. Thanks for this....really gets a person thinking and it's amazing how differently we can each see things. For me personally, I consistently listen to Hospital Music, Avalanche and Vancouver....those would be my top three. Then it's Storm, although admittedly on only really listen to the title track, Bullets and This is Night on a regular basis and for whatever reason I just listen to Bad Guys Win over and over and over again. I actually wish the album version was extended somehow (I love the finally minute, and it always seemed to me like the very beginning is cut off from something "bigger" that is building). Then Lights and Chaotic - both have amazing tracks but I just haven't listened to them much lately. Then Arrows (I agree it's a little too cookie-cutter at times but sometimes I'm in the mood for it), and finally White Light. I never listen to WLRRR and when I do, it's only Blue Skies. If I had to give up one album in my entire MG collection - this would be it. Go figure!!!
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