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  1. Thx for posting this - such a great tune live. Wish I could find LOES (the song) live on video somewhere. I remember not being a huge fan of this song when I first heard it but he opened the Calgary show with it and it was amazing - completely changed my mind on it!
  2. Thanks for this....really gets a person thinking and it's amazing how differently we can each see things. For me personally, I consistently listen to Hospital Music, Avalanche and Vancouver....those would be my top three. Then it's Storm, although admittedly on only really listen to the title track, Bullets and This is Night on a regular basis and for whatever reason I just listen to Bad Guys Win over and over and over again. I actually wish the album version was extended somehow (I love the finally minute, and it always seemed to me like the very beginning is cut off from something "bigger" that is building). Then Lights and Chaotic - both have amazing tracks but I just haven't listened to them much lately. Then Arrows (I agree it's a little too cookie-cutter at times but sometimes I'm in the mood for it), and finally White Light. I never listen to WLRRR and when I do, it's only Blue Skies. If I had to give up one album in my entire MG collection - this would be it. Go figure!!!
  3. Got tix for Regina...thinking about Saskatoon too....
  4. Big fan of this song and the video. Definitely has a “feel” to it. So looking forward to the album!
  5. Love it. Parts of it sound very LOTGA-ish and others are reminiscent of Hospital Music. Kinda enjoy how there’s very little info about the album coming out...like in the old days before the internet
  6. Hard to believe that 20 years ago this month (Sept 14th to be exact) is when Beautiful Midnight was released. Man, do I feel old now lol An album that lived up to and exceeded expectations....I still remember where I bought it, opening it up and seeing the monkey mask on the CD and the little words “hidden” in the liner notes booklet printed in clear ink (if that makes any sense), how I listened to it, what songs really hooked me, and how it was the soundtrack to my life then and marked some significant changes in my life. Thx to Matt & crew for that album - such a masterpiece.
  7. Went to the Regina show last night - Matt really seemed to be enjoying himself. Been to almost all of his tours but one of the few I missed was the acoustic tour from a few years ago. No new tracks added to the set list last night (I don’t think) but we did get 4 songs in the encore which I think has happened only one other time thus far. Hope I can continue to see him perform for decades to come, such a remarkable talent.
  8. They were also set to tour as part of a festival in mid-late September and then Sept 11th happened and it was cancelled....
  9. +1 to the MG customer service team...they were quick to respond to my emails. Just waiting for the whites to show up in the mail any day now
  10. Same here...white sticker on the outside but black Avalanche vinyl inside. Good news is so far AOB sounds great. The beginning of Advertising is totally meant to be on vinyl :)
  11. Not seeing a solo acoustic show...
  12. Wow...they killed that performance! (Not surprised)
  13. Maybe this is old and this is just the first time I'm seeing it - but new footage from the Danforth Music Hall show with "Load Me Up"....check out Stu's solo with a drill:
  14. "I’ve lasted longer than almost all of my contemporaries treading a fine line between playing new material, old material, and hits. It’s something that I can’t wholly alter based on the views of maybe 10 people. Not when those 10 or 20 people account for less than 1% of an audience." Agreed. Bottom line is that Matt is a wonderfully creative artist who many of us have supported for many years, and I for one will continue to do so. He's also gotta do what he needs to do from a financial perspective. Which reminds me....I need to go buy some vinyl from his online store now :)
  15. Boy Who Could Explode and Great Whales were pretty impressive live....would love to see those songs come back again. And I gained a new appreciation of the song LOES after seeing it on tour. Wish I could find a video of it somewhere.
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