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  1. Besides the drunks and people talking throughout the concert. I manage to enjoy the night in Calgary. I dont get why people attend concerts if they are just going to chat and all that. Just stay your ass at home and listen to a CD and get drunk there.... Oh and Matt and the band were great. It was beautiful hearing the entire album. I hope he releases Running For Home at some point!
  2. Does anybody know if Hospital Music has been repressed? I saw a fresh batch of them in HMV. I wondered if they had fixed the skipping problem.
  3. Guise, what did I miss?! Ive been away for quite sometime now!! This topic sounds exciting!!!
  4. Oh wow Chante... Haven't heard that name in a while. Used to chat with her during college. I was working with her cousin at the time too. We used to record music in one bedroom apartment haahaha.... That was quite some time ago. Would have loved to attend this event. I need me another MG show.
  5. Great Lake Swimmers The Wooden Sky To name a few
  6. Soooooo.... CN record is amazing! Currently listening to it now.
  7. Right? I am going to give it another spin this weekend. I upgraded my cartridge. So I cannot wait to give it a listen. It is really something eh!
  8. So Matt will be playing the afternoon on April 3. I think I might go check it out. But I may have to bare it till he performs. https://www.artscommons.ca/WhatsOn/ShowDetails.aspx?show_id=48280040-8076-43EA-9497-8C02A07BEF08
  9. Right, there is a song missing from that record eh. I am yet to give it a spin. I just listened to Underdogs last night. Its a bit brighter than the HM and BM. But that could be due to my new cartridge. Sounds amazing though!
  10. I thought they did Deadpool right! I really enjoyed the movie. It was good seeing Hyrda Bob and A Helicarrier at the end. I hope someday that Marvel will get the rights back. Then we can see Deadpool mingle in the MCU!
  11. Was there more defects than the one on Hospital Music? I do hope they will fix all of that.
  12. So when do you all figure the next batch will be announced?
  13. Konez


    So the other day I had installed a new cartridge on my MH 2.2. It was the Red Ortofon 2m. But as I was setting the tracking. My hand slipped and the needle hit the surface pretty hard. And its scratched along the scale I had it on. Now should I be worried about it being damaged? I am a bit worried it may be. Thanks for any answers!
  14. Right now I am playing Megaman Collection on my Nintendo DS XL. Its great to relive the video games all over again. I remember I used to stay up all the nights playing.
  15. Beautiful Midnight sounds so much better on wax. I heard stuff on there which I never did before.
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