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  1. Thanks for the reply!! Since both are operational, I would assume that the posts about how they work are still in effect? I guess I should start writing/ responding to post and earn some NF$.
  2. Hi. I haven't been on this site in a while. I was wondering if the store/ lounge still exist. I was hoping to (eventually) be able to gain access them in order to be able to hear some of the demos that are/ were available, especially anything more recent.
  3. Where is the Lounge? How many posts do I need to get in? It's been awhile since I logged in. I would really love to be able to hear some of the music everyone has been talking about!!
  4. I like Rico. I used to really not like it. I'm not sure why, but it really bothered me. I would always skip it when ever it came on. However, I listened to it recently and found it to be way better than I remembered.
  5. Hello...I'm new to the forums and was wondering how to go about finding the Lounge that was mentioned in an earlier post? Thanks!!!
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