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  1. Yes that's the image, thank you very much
  2. that link just comes up as an error for me
  3. Years ago, around Chaotic Neutral's release, I remember seeing an image online. It was a black and white outline of a boy next to a wolf. At the time I considered it as a tattoo, and now have decided I want to get it done, however I cannot find it anywhere despite hours of searching. If any of you happen to have it or even know about it so I don't feel like I just imagined it, it would be very helpful. Thank you.
  4. Nonpopulus, no questions asked. I also love Avalanche and Champions of Nothing. Then pretty much anything off of Lights of Endangered Species
  5. Change of Seasons, followed by the accoustic version of Hello Time Bomb, just doesn't work for me
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