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  1. Logan on opening night with other nerds. So many feels that night!
  2. All the time! A recent example is the song Quicksand by Incubus. So many memories with it regarding my wife. But not only that, the song with great headphones on is amazing!
  3. The Peanuts Movie. They need to just make a Snoopy full length movie.
  4. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii U. Never finished the original so I'll do it this time!
  5. Anyone see this movie yet? I just saw it a couple days ago and I loved it! Really the best super hero movie I've seen in a long time. They really made up for how they portrayed him in the Wolverine movie, and even do a small reference to that in the movie. I don't want to spoil all the jokes and little things that appear in the movie but yeah, great movie, even if you don't know who Deadpool is in the comic books. Ryan Reynalds was born to play this role. The only thing I disliked was too much romance stuff. It had its moments but over all I think it was too much of it. I hope all Fox Mar
  6. During "21st Century Living," when they say all the different things to "super size," they go through the said list of things to super size pretty quickly until it gets to the female voice who wants to super size a sale. Then there is a slight pause, as if in disbelief, and they ask how would you super size a sale? That part always cracks me up, but could be missed if you aren't paying attention.
  7. I haven't seen a single CD in so long. Not a bad goal though!
  8. Which Animal Crossing characters did you get? I bet you can't wait to finally be out from under Tom Nooks foot. Always holding those loans against you. Damn that Nook!
  9. Yeah, gives you more energy and feeling re-vitalized or something. I read this article about it just now, and I am not sure I trust something Third Eye Blind supports >.> Anyway, seems worth a shot. But you can't use just any old butter. Apparently it has to be grass feed only. And there are many other types of oils you could use.
  10. Thanks Emma! Oh and I read recently about people putting butter in their coffee. Anyone ever try that? Seems wrong to me but apparently it helps loose weight.
  11. These are all good! Now I want to revisit all these songs.
  12. I have Metro Las Light Redux on Steam but haven't played it yet. I started another game of Final Fantasy Tactics. Such a good game.
  13. Re-Watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Best Marvel movie I've seen! (Haven't seen Deadpool yet, but I will soon!)
  14. I actually saw your post on Reddit. I'm JRRD09 on there. lol Small world. I can't wait to get into the private sector anyway! But I've been listening to Something Like a Storm for like hours now and it's amazing stuff! I would love if he put that on a new B-sides type album or something. It seems a lot of people I talked to online really enjoyed that demo and were so sad to see it go.
  15. I played through the first day of Fire watch and it's awesome so far! Play with headphones on.
  16. You guys are making me jealous! Now I feel the urge to buy the rest. :(
  17. Very true! Forums do this all the time as an incentive to post and contribute. Or just as a reward for proving you aren't here for one thing then bailing.
  18. I wouldn't mind having that song too but I think the post count is 60 to get into the private access area. Basically when your title is NF Fanatic or something.
  19. I like Sanders, he seems like the most stable of the bunch to be honest. I just think his extreme left views will be hard for many Americans to stand behind. He has a huge following though, but at this point it is about getting those undecided voters and I don't know if he could pull that off.
  20. The musical was in Vegas for a long time but I didn't go. Me and my friend really love the movie series but times just never added up so we could go together. Oh well. I really want to pay for Showtime so I can see the Tv series they have going now. I hear it's pretty awesome. But back on topic, I recently watched Raiders of the Lost Ark since my wife said she never seen any Indian Jones movie... which I just couldn't believe. So I had to fix that.
  21. That's a damn sexy collection you got there. I am still waiting on my Beautiful Midnight one. I might even have to buy a record player. My plan was to just have it to have.
  22. American politics is all about the buzz words and phrases and then building a whole campaign based on it. Like "Restoring American" or "Make America great again." I swear, if Trump gets elected I will seriously think about moving to Canada. Hopefully he won't build a huge wall on the Canadian border too. Ugh... I hate watching tv just because of the politics here.
  23. I actually re-read Weapon X (Wolverine graphic novel) by Barry Windsor-Smith. I love his art work and back story of Wolverine. That series of comics is what got me really into comic books back in the 90s. I haven't read a new comic since the "Death Of Wolverine" series was released. Anyway, love me some Weapon X!
  24. I actually played Unravel the other night and it's so awesome! Love the game and the concept. I even made my own Yarny doll (the site has instructions on how to do it). But I also played Madden 16. It's funny how I get the urge to play that game or any Madden game sometimes. I've been playing those since like 93, so it's hard to just stop. Besides, I like them.
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