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  1. I'll gladly pretend to be Dave if ever you're into coming up with a reunion thing, as well!
  2. Since I'm new here I figured I'd tune you in to some of my favorite new music! This guy's starting to make quite a bit of waves on Montreal's indie circuit. I've actually known him for years as he was once frequenting the same open mic spots as I was, but his new stuff really is interesting to listen to. We actually got to know each other after he bought me a beer for covering Born Losers, so you can definitely tell he's quite the MG fan. I feel you can hear as well in his phrasing as well as in his no-nonsense approach to the guitar. It's still rather generic guitar-driven rock, but interesting enough to be worth sharing as he's a top guy. You can stream his stuff straight from his bandcamp page and he's on SoundCloud as well if you're more into that. http://joeladam.bandcamp.com There you go, and let me know what you think! MH
  3. Not too crazy about the chorused intro guitar line, but that line gets me every time. Straight on par with "The only place to find freedom is in a dictionary" in my book. Yep.
  4. PREACH. Just got my copy as well and it simply opened a whole new sonic landscape for me. I used to use my table mainly for old school blues and jazz, but this is really something. WOW.
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