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  1. Enjoying the new album too, and as others mentioned, it needed additional listens to really grab me. I can see how some casual fans don’t jump on board for this album. There is a strong community here that will take in all MG work and really listen and process. But for most, there’s so much music hitting us everyday, people listen and move on right away if it doesn’t hit them immediately. I myself will always prefer the more “rocking” Matthew Good but I am a fan of him as an artist no matter the style, so this album is still one I hold in high regard.
  2. Looks like a new album is coming this year too. Watched some clips on YouTube and I don't think they lost any steam since the reunion, definitely worth going if you can.
  3. For those buying the Moving Walls CD, do any sites you purchase from have the mp3 download accompanying the CD when you buy? MG is one of the few artists ill still buy physical copies from, but looking to avoid paying twice. Seems like most places to order from its one or the other. Doesn't look like this is one that Amazon is giving the download with.
  4. Cool, thanks for the link. That debate he had with Gene Simmons, what year was that? Is there any info on it? Sounds like that would be quite the event.
  5. Nice find! Thanks for sharing. Worth it just for the very short live performance clip at the end.
  6. Thinking the same! Would be no different than a audience recording that could exist from those days and a common occurrence. Could have happened at that show. Definitely second that and hoping maybe audio is possible.
  7. Pretty much agree with everything Adam has already said, I will just add my 'thank you' as well. This is amazing stuff to watch. It may be one of the first audience-like recorded videos of the band I have seen. Would be a dream to see this in full. If anything ever changes and this can be shared to this small community, please let us know! When I first clicked on it, I did not think it would be that well shot. Here's a congratulations on a job well done from over 20 years ago! Thanks again
  8. Really awesome recording thanks. Actually glad he didn't do a crowd walk during Let's Get It On because its so good ha.
  9. I really enjoyed Sharks. I think when your starved for these lost songs, I agree, it’s hard for them to do any wrong ha. But I still thought it was really good. The performance was super inspired too I thought. Those more aggressive Matt vocals always brought me closer to the songs for some reason, though I understand that was causing some vocal issues later on his career. Didn’t know anything about the song Revenge, that would be amazing if ever found. Its a shame demos or alternate tracks from any of the MGB stuff never surfaced. There has to be some outtakes or work in progress versions. What a dream that would be.
  10. Wow this is amazing stuff. Loving it all. Thanks guys for doing all this. Never would have thought I would have seen all this.
  11. Agreed, seems like the material was already written. Not even sure how much James Iha really even played on it, nothing real distinctive that screams him. Hopefully the followup material will be more collaborative. Lots of touring together happened since this last one was made.
  12. Did anyone notice he stopped playing the 12 string guitar on Rabbits at some point on this tour? I wonder why he did that. Really liked that extra touch. Guessing maybe one less guitar to lug around.
  13. Stwlegend


    So sorry to hear this. Prayers to you and your family.
  14. I do find it strange too. For the show in Brampton, on top of acoustic, it's a seated theater, so you would think everyone would be pretty chill. But I guess depends on how the fight starts. There was a guy who was telling Matt to shut up and play and a few other audience members were getting mad at that guy, and that could have escalated. Thankfully the guy ended up leaving on his own shortly after that, so nothing came of it.
  15. So you made it on time to the show Adam? No issues as far as that? I think I Miss New Wave would be a great fit, good call. Would love to hear that too.
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