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  1. There is nothing out there that compares to this show. With no official live video from the MGB days, it can't be overstated how awesome this is and how much work Daniel, Travis and Adam put into getting this out. Great stuff.
  2. Been a few months and made time the past few days to again listen to your album Mixed Emotions John. It's still really enjoyable every time. Voices, Essential Truth and Enchanted are probably my favorites if I'm forced to pick between tracks. But hard not to include Lovers Canyon, I really like that outro. Great musicianship but more importantly to me are all the great songs. Did you have any time between that recording schedule to get a band together and get these songs played live?
  3. Whoa! I lived off the version on YouTube that was mentioned, it was the only one I knew of. All distorted and fuzzy but I still enjoyed it. This is an amazing upgrade and find. Thanks to everyone involved in any way. Quite the teamwork from the initial finding and discussion of the tape all the way to it being transferred and hosted. Really appreciate all involved for this! Bonus commercials to get me in that 1999 frame of mind too lol.
  4. Same to you John and thanks for sharing your experiences. It was a nice departure for a bit from everything going on in the world to sit back and listen/read your comments on that era of the band.
  5. Congrats Anton on keeping this going for 16 years. And for keeping this group of MG fans communicating. Lots of info here that I would never find elsewhere.
  6. I thought Cornell's version was great too. The guitar and drum variation made it refreshing. Wasn't just a note for note cover with Cornell singing. Probably why I like it even more.
  7. I found this article from I think 2005, based on the In A Coma comments. What intrigued me is the title of the article and the comments from Matt about not knowing what the next album will sound like. It seemed like the editor said he was halfway through it? Of course Hospital Music came a few years later and I know Matt had a ton of personal things happen that led to that album. But I do wonder if the album would have turned out different if finished sooner? Was this material he mentioned here in 2005 the same? Anyway thought it was a good read some of you might enjoy to see Matt's mindset back then.
  8. I think they view this as they still had to handle the initial transaction and then now the refund. That $11 is not part of the VIP experience you are paying for. Definitely not a MG thing either way. I get the frustration though, imagine if you pick up 4-5 tickets and this happens, it adds up.
  9. I tried Debut and I think there was more research I could have done in there to resolve, thanks for the suggestion, but I ended up going from VHS to DVD to PC rip due to the length of each segment on the tapes and still running into the syncing issue. Its more of a pain to add the DVD step but I'm at least getting the results now I wanted as far as syncing. Had to stop though because I was getting tracking issues. If I watched the master tape a second time, some of the tracking wasn't messing up, so would have to record all over. WTF. Taking a break to build back up my tolerance. I regret not jumping on this stuff years ago before the tapes started deteriorating....
  10. Thanks guys. I'm gonna try Debut and Video Pad on a small section of the tape first. They are of course unfortunately all 4 to 6 hour tapes so I'll see how easy it is on a section of it. It goes in and out of sync, which I just don't understand. Not even when it switches to something else that was taped, seems like from the same session it was recorded it turns up out of sync. I have a decently new PC with 12GB RAM so was hoping it wasn't the PC, but maybe that is too much for it. The VHS to DVD to PC rip is a good idea if I can't get the above to work. That is manageable too. Thanks.
  11. Decided to stop ignoring the box of VHS tapes I have and get to transferring some of my home and sport stuff to digital. I am using Elgato and you just let the tape run in the VHS player and play on your desktop and forget about it until its done. It's nice but I seem to be getting audio out of sync by a couple seconds. Went through their FAQ and asked around and not much help. Anyone else do any VHS transferring and have success with Elgato or a different program that isn't too complicated?
  12. Just finished the entire interview. Really great. Besides the fact that getting any new information at all from the MGB era is rare, to get it straight from a band member was pretty much all you can ask for. Like everyone else is saying, great work Daniel. Lots of great questions and when you had an opinion, it was known, and when you were quoting something, a clip or picture popped up. It was really a great piece. Putting aside the logistics of getting a band member to discuss and setting up the time to do it, just the editing and uploading of the video looked to be a lot work. Really enjoyed the couple hours of listening it provided. Thanks again.
  13. Same! Missed some of the show messing around with that. Should have tested It out earlier though.
  14. The Sessions site doesn't show it but on Matt's news page you can see the email address for questions/requests : https://www.matthewgood.org/news
  15. Got an 80's vibe going on. Not what I was expecting but I like these 2 so far.
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