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  1. Stwlegend

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    If you have room to ask......Being that the Beautiful Midnight Revisited tour was so successful, any plans for another album to get that treatment with a Revisited type album or a full album tour, like maybe Avalanche? Thanks
  2. Stwlegend

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    Awesome Adam, glad you'll be able to document some of this tour. I am also excited to hear some stuff not heard in years. In addition to Change of Season, I remember Out of Style was mentioned by Matt for the BC show in 2017 and never happened. Maybe now we'll get that. Gonna be a good bang for your buck this run of shows.
  3. Stwlegend

    Cancelled MGB MuchMusic performance

    Not to get too far off topic, but did MG or MGB's official page ever directly have a message board? Or did it go Running From Home to Metro to this site or something? Wasn't really following the web stuff for Matt back then, just listening to the tunes. I'm curious hearing all these crazy stories about these sites. Wild early internet days it sounds like.
  4. Stwlegend

    Cancelled MGB MuchMusic performance

    “ChartAttack was saved some of its usual barely literate roastings via the site's message board” Wow lol
  5. Stwlegend

    Calgary Flood Aid Concert 2013

    Nice find! 1 MGB, 1 early MG and 1 off the latest at the time. Nice sampler.
  6. Anyone get a chance to listen to the new SP album? Wasn't exactly what I expected. Personally the first track really turned me off. But I do like Silvery Sometimes and Search And You Shall Destroy. A couple of the others are pretty good too. But short album and not the return to form I was thinking. Maybe I just got nostalgic from the show I seen over the summer and it couldn't be matched. Still glad 3/4 of the band is rocking together again.
  7. Stwlegend

    There The First Time

    Not sure what its about either but really dig this song. I enjoy it live too with Matt on vocals only.
  8. Yeah like a rentable party band. I didnt recognize him either at first. I guess I’m still looking for the blonde hair and jersey.
  9. Stwlegend

    AOB and WLRRR alternate tracklisting

    Did the label make him change it or something? Wasn't aware he thought of an alternate for those albums.
  10. Stwlegend

    BNN Interview

    Thanks for the link, nice interview. No stopping on new music in the future, which is great to hear.
  11. Your recording is real good gursky. Def one of the better ones I heard this tour. Thanks Only the second time I seen them but first with James Iha. Surprised you never made it out to a pumpkins show! Glad you enjoyed. Some of my buddies were struggling during the real slow stuff with piano, so I get it. But for 3 hours, can’t beat it.
  12. Very cool, glad you enjoyed, I felt the same. Yes some of the Mellon Collie shows are amazing to watch/listen. 2000 seems to have some good shows too with varied setlists I'm finding.
  13. Got up to Toronto for the smashing pumpkins show last week. Really enjoyed it. They have been off my radar for awhile and was fun to relive a lot of these songs. Over 3 hour show! Anyone else make it to a show? Gomo how was NYC? That wasnt the 30th anniversary show was it? Also anyone have any era of the band they like most? Gonna start searching out some old live shows.
  14. Stwlegend

    The Matthew Good Band Upload Thread (videos)

    Good stuff here guys, thanks for all of it. Hoping more of this stuff continues to pop up!
  15. NICE. Heard a lot of good things about that show and tour in general, glad you enjoyed.

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