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  1. Thanks guys. I'm gonna try Debut and Video Pad on a small section of the tape first. They are of course unfortunately all 4 to 6 hour tapes so I'll see how easy it is on a section of it. It goes in and out of sync, which I just don't understand. Not even when it switches to something else that was taped, seems like from the same session it was recorded it turns up out of sync. I have a decently new PC with 12GB RAM so was hoping it wasn't the PC, but maybe that is too much for it. The VHS to DVD to PC rip is a good idea if I can't get the above to work. That is manageable too. Thanks.
  2. Decided to stop ignoring the box of VHS tapes I have and get to transferring some of my home and sport stuff to digital. I am using Elgato and you just let the tape run in the VHS player and play on your desktop and forget about it until its done. It's nice but I seem to be getting audio out of sync by a couple seconds. Went through their FAQ and asked around and not much help. Anyone else do any VHS transferring and have success with Elgato or a different program that isn't too complicated?
  3. Just finished the entire interview. Really great. Besides the fact that getting any new information at all from the MGB era is rare, to get it straight from a band member was pretty much all you can ask for. Like everyone else is saying, great work Daniel. Lots of great questions and when you had an opinion, it was known, and when you were quoting something, a clip or picture popped up. It was really a great piece. Putting aside the logistics of getting a band member to discuss and setting up the time to do it, just the editing and uploading of the video looked to be a lot work. Really enjoyed the couple hours of listening it provided. Thanks again.
  4. Same! Missed some of the show messing around with that. Should have tested It out earlier though.
  5. The Sessions site doesn't show it but on Matt's news page you can see the email address for questions/requests : https://www.matthewgood.org/news
  6. Got an 80's vibe going on. Not what I was expecting but I like these 2 so far.
  7. bit.ly/MGSessionsLive I got a ticket quick this time. Different site but guessing can still sell out again. Only $15 and there's an email address to submit song requests. Should be fun.
  8. Looking forward to that. Still hoping for that expanded/deluxe Machina reissue...
  9. Check out Discogs. Though it looks like it will total about $100 for a used Arrows vinyl that is near mint. But it's one of the few places I seen it if you really wanted it.
  10. Really enjoyed this interview and found it very informative. Thought the intro was cool too. Thanks to you Daniel for organizing and of course John and Ian for taking the time to do this for us. Looking forward to part 2!
  11. Damn. Haven’t heard much more of Rich after he left Matt but always enjoyed what I seen in MGB. The familiarity he provided the first couple years in solo Matt material was very cool too. RIP
  12. Hi John - did you ever years later get a chance to run into the members of any of the lineups for LOTGA or its previous versions and reflect on those times and what they thought of things?
  13. Where does LOTGA rank in comparison to the rest of the MGB catalog to Ian? Did Ian have any conversations about keeping MGB going before the final dissolving, or any discussion on being involved in the early days of Matt's solo work?
  14. I actually do remember that poster and thought that pic was really cool. That's awesome you did that. I'm not sure if there were variations but searching now, it was this or something close to it. Great work.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to stop here John. 3 different lineups and an award for Euphony? Already some stuff I didn't know about that era. Would love to hear, see and/or read anything you have on that era as well, welcome.
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