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  1. I just received my 2018 vinyl from the MG store, and had the same issue- ordered the white vinyl for Avalanche, it had the white sticker on the outside, and there was black vinyl inside. Super disappointed that this seems to be such a widespread issue... I sent off an email to CS, and really hope they're able to provide what I had initially ordered. It's been quite a series of unfortunate events for all these MG vinyl releases- first no 'Omissions of the Omen' on LOTGA, then a widespread skip defect on Hospital Music, then this fiasco with the white vinyl version of Avalanche...
  2. I've got exactly the same physical defect with my copy. I've sent a picture to them with the line visible, and hopefully they'll be able to figure something out...it would be great to get through that song without a skip :)
  3. Hey all, I contacted the MG online store where I purchased my records as my copy of HM also has the skip on 99% (I don't think I had put on side B since I got it back in Jan, and only noticed it about a week ago). Mason from customer services mentioned that they weren't aware that there was a persistent issue with this pressing of HM that was affecting so many people (it was the first time someone had brought it to their attention., and that there were no current plans to go back into production for HM (or LOTGA despite the missing track). I'm going to provide a video of the issue for the store, and also directed them to this forum as evidence of the persistent issues...but it might not be a bad idea to also send some other videos if you're experiencing issues and bought HM from the MG online store. I was a pre-order person, and I doubt they'll be able to do much for me at the moment, but perhaps if they get enough messages, they'll consider doing something on a wider scale (i.e. providing replacement discs that have been corrected without the skipping on that track).
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