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  1. I agree 100%- this is exactly the way I'm approaching the situation. I also have quite a bit of experience working in the mental health field Daniel, so I appreciate your perspective here. It does now seem that some of MG's behaviour may have crossed the threshold into what we would deem as criminal in Canada, specifically the non-consensual sharing of intimate images (based on HM most recent posts on IG). This suggests that there could be legal consequences going forward. This of course, also suggests that we won't hear much from MG going forward that isn't filtered through his le
  2. I think that ultimately, any discussion about belief or ‘proof’ will just end up going in circles. For some, the amount of proof that they would need to morally condemn MG would be so extreme that it would border on impossible to acquire, and even if impossible proof was put in front of them, I suspect some would still think he didn’t do anything wrong. At the same time, I do think that there is another group that uncritically accepts anything online without reflection, and just assumes that since MG might not be the saint that they imagined him to be, instead they should destroy him and his r
  3. Yeah I noticed it was down yesterday as well...I guess that's likely it for the store. That's largely why I ended up grabbing whatever music of his that I didn't already own physically when I heard about this situation- I suspect that it will become very hard to find his music after this since there won't be any rush for any reprints of CDs or Vinyls by the label (so long my hopes of having WLRRR reissued on vinyl...). I also suspect that his music could eventually be removed from streaming depending on how much publicity this whole situation gets, so having physical backups of his
  4. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a reply here, but here it goes. I’ve listened to MG since I was a kid, and have been a pretty hardcore fan for years. I love his music, and personally cannot imagine that I’ll ever stop listening to his songs. But all of that aside, I want to really take a step back and write about how I feel about this situation. I feel strongly that after reading the number of allegations that have been made that there is a fairly high likelihood that MG has done some inappropriate/immature/harmful things in his personal life. I agree with others who said here t
  5. I just received my 2018 vinyl from the MG store, and had the same issue- ordered the white vinyl for Avalanche, it had the white sticker on the outside, and there was black vinyl inside. Super disappointed that this seems to be such a widespread issue... I sent off an email to CS, and really hope they're able to provide what I had initially ordered. It's been quite a series of unfortunate events for all these MG vinyl releases- first no 'Omissions of the Omen' on LOTGA, then a widespread skip defect on Hospital Music, then this fiasco with the white vinyl version of Avalanche...
  6. I've got exactly the same physical defect with my copy. I've sent a picture to them with the line visible, and hopefully they'll be able to figure something out...it would be great to get through that song without a skip :)
  7. Hey all, I contacted the MG online store where I purchased my records as my copy of HM also has the skip on 99% (I don't think I had put on side B since I got it back in Jan, and only noticed it about a week ago). Mason from customer services mentioned that they weren't aware that there was a persistent issue with this pressing of HM that was affecting so many people (it was the first time someone had brought it to their attention., and that there were no current plans to go back into production for HM (or LOTGA despite the missing track). I'm going to provide a video of the issue for the
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