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  1. Yup, I believe they've got a second season planned. Supposed to be a sequel
  2. Has anyone checked out the new Netflix Original: Stranger Things? It's pulling in really good reviews, but my roommates and I don't get it. We've only got two episodes left, and to us the acting is just ok, the pacing is off, and we feel like we spend most of the time waiting for flat characters to catch up with what the audience already knows. Just wanted to see what other opinions there were about it.
  3. @MrTrufflePig: Yeah, I've got to agree with you there. It started off really real and gritty with the *spoiler?* Punisher. I really liked their version of him, very well done. @Stwlegend: I find it's very enjoyable. It's not necessarily top-shelve television (one of my roommates is very picky, I can't use the word 'good' around him very often, haha). But I find it very entertaining, and the action is great. (Although it can get a little repetitive if you binge watch it. Don't binge watch it)
  4. Oh man, my reading is pretty much relegated to audiobooks at this point, haha. I don't know that the comics would translate well to that medium! You caught season 1?
  5. I'm a little behind the times on this one, but I watched the first two episodes of Daredevil season 2 last night. I'm loving this season's villain so far! It's a fun take on the character. I never read the Marvel comics, so maybe this is par for the course, but from watching the movie a few years back it's entertaining to see the character from this angle.
  6. I'm a web dev, and my team is currently refactoring our Javascript front end over to the strongly-typed Typescript. If any of you folk develop with Javascript I'd strongly recommend checking out Typescript. It transpiles to JS so it's easily usable anywhere, and it allows you to work program with the ES6. Also if you're in an IDE you'll get auto-completion for classes, enums, and interfaces, and it'll yell at you if you're doing something wrong. Especially great for large data constructs.
  7. An amazing film about the true dynamic between rednecks and city-folk. Also Wash's backstory (character from Firefly). Children of Men
  8. I will say though, I really enjoyed Megamind. Sure it was animated, but it was quite good! And it wasn't overly Will Ferrell-y even though he was the main character
  9. I feel like that's how most Will Ferrell movies are these days, haha
  10. Nice! I'm still missing the turntable. Waiting until I move somewhere with space, haha
  11. I was given Ready Player One to read by a buddy of mine. It's being turned into a movie so I've got to hurry up and finish it, haha. Unfortunately it was 'borrowed' from my workplace, so I've got to go pick up a new copy : /
  12. On the collection: I just finished my Matthew Good Vinyl collection via ebay! (Avalanche, Lights of Endangered Species, and Arrows of Desire.) Probably unwise, but I'm excited!
  13. How long does a track take to 'expire'? Does the hosting stop after a period of time after uploading? Or time since last download?
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