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  1. Ok I’ll go again, not trying to spam or anything just trying to get my two cents in. Anyone remember the site runningforhome.net it had detailed write up about each and every song. One day outta nowhere it was gone. Man of Action sounds like a train… plus when the voice comes over the intercom “you are now listening to the audio of being” Black Helicopter sound like a helicopter. Boy and His Machine Gun happy birthday is played at the end and the music box was smashed against a wall to make that sound. Advertising on Police Cars at the start with intro of an organ in order to create that sound they began to play the instrument and plugged it in as it warmed up it created the intro. Anyone notice the auto tune on She's in It for The Money, love that song. Avalanche has a clip from a movie about a soccer. Approx. 2:35 in “ball loose, an impossible drift, a tackler rushes you” or "every pass it goes adrift, ball loose, can't tackle, can't shoot.". Anyone remember the title of the movie I can’t remember and I have never been able to find a copy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0238660/ Apparitions from Rooms has clips from various TV shows, not sure what one “No no no I’m here for an important mission – the ship” -Batter up!
  2. A little bit off topic does anyone know if this is true or not. During the recording of AOB Dave walked out on the session and guitar sections are actually missing from various songs. I guess Dave felt his work had been completed and Matt/ Warne had to mix the tracks accordingly with the missing parts. Does anyone know the song/ the sections of the songs that needed to be reworked?.. I guess this is an Easter egg.
  3. Did Matt says he is releasing a cassette tape or was that just a joke?
  4. Did anyone have customer service issues with Maple Music aside from the slow shipment due to the press delay? I have ordered multiple albums from Maple with the promise of signatures and upon deliver no autograph. I also received a defective copy of LOES when I asked for a replacement they advised me it was sold out and nothing can be done. With three errors produced by them, I have stopped using Maple Music for my consumer needs. Thoughts?
  5. Does anyone have copies of the Avalanche "Basement" Demos these were the editions pre production? Super long shot, I had them yeas ago but my HDD dieded.
  6. He took vocal lessons after his throat surgery yada yada yada his vocal range is much greater now
  7. Anyone remember the matthewgoodband website from the underdogs era it had about 100 fan sites listed down the right side and some were sponsored by porn sites and or linked to porn, sorry adult entertainment.
  8. http://imgur.com/a/ikRwN What do I win?
  9. It was made as a school project by Sheridan College and Matt and Dave played a private show - I think the Acoustic Apparitions was recorded at this event
  10. I remember a site being hosted on GeoCities with a great deal of information surround the "History Teacher" including info about the legal proceedings
  11. I think Matt owned a 911 not this one but a Porsche... pretty sure he has a thing for German cars but recently he was speaking of a high-end Dodge... ah who knows?
  12. "Most" of the easter eggs have been identified - Ever notice how Underdogs CD plays like Vinyl - All the song lead into one another // The US edition of Beautiful Midnight was an enhanced CD with PC and Mac features // "At the end of Giant, before Hello Time Bomb begins there's a quick beat of the phase noise used for the "do do do do do's" in HTB. There's also some finger picking going on before the song starts" When playing Giant completely and leaning into Hello Time Bomb the CD player would read -0:03 and count up. I never understood how the CD was coded and I have never seen another disc like it// Avalanche was an enhanced CD too and if you clicked at the top of the mountain a racoon would appear// I think Matt said you can hear him smoking cigarettes on the recording of BM, like in hailing and exhaling// Dude said he quit again good for him
  13. I remember playing Beautiful Midnight Canadain edition on my PC with Windows media player and the track listing coming up as the USA edition - Confused me for the longest time
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