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    bid my sufferance spit, weep, and bleed.

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    music, biking, and a whole ton of stuff. as well as lauren. try, especially lauren. otherwise, no particular order to that list.
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    hard to pick. it varies. let's say the fine art.
  1. breakfast of champions is pretty friggin' crazy. slaughterhouse is really quite convoluted... but that's vonnegut, for ya. my favourite? i'm not sure, really. i like a lot of different stuff. edit: i liked aldous huxley's brave new world more than 1984.
  2. you replied... i assume that means you care enough to reply. so, fuck you very much! your ignorance makes me very happy, because it's so easy to exploit. edit: idiots make me laugh.
  3. i sense that you're a fucking idiot. and if you're banned, nobody cares!
  4. hahahhahahhaa. if that's true, i'm going to die laughing.
  5. so i heard, thanks for my mother watching the news tonight. um, big deal?
  6. sounds good. and sorry if i come across as an asshole. it's a major failing of mine.
  7. if i say batman, technically, we're fucked. sorta. mostly. so i won't. um... batman begins? (i don't know movies.)
  8. well, um, i didn't mean that to apply to all housewives, at all. just the ignorant, mindless ones. that was the operative word. and please, as ignorant as i may be, when i generalize, i know there are exceptions. here's where i prepare to be ripped to shreds.
  9. i've never heard coming out in purple. there's quite a few that give me chills. sort of a protest song. the guitar really strikes me in that song. some of avalanche (the album) gives me shivers at times. flight recorder from viking 7 is pretty intense too. the heavy breathing and such. as for others, well, tears came to my eyes the first time i heard all together. i'm sure that counts for something. and, assorted others. the future is x-rated (slow version) also sends chills up my spine. i don't know about the rest of you, but yeah.
  10. was that supposed to be funny? because it wasn't. really.
  11. i don't think defacing or debasing myself is the way i'd like meet an artist i respect. edit: redundancy.
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