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  1. Don't know if anyone else noticed, but Raygun has completely disappeared from the Canadian iTunes store and only Haven't Slept in Years and Alabama Motel Room are available on Spotify. I think it happened over a month ago, and I haven't seen anyone else mention it. Oddly enough, it's still available in the US store. Not entirely sure what to do to fix this, just thought it was worth bringing to attention. Maybe we can bring it to Matt's attention and see if he can get the label to fix it?
  2. For me it's Suburbia, hands down. No other song of his can quite capture the atmosphere and essence of so many different experiences in my life. Particularly memories of mine from driving through BC and Ontario as a kid around the ages of 7-10 or so. What's interesting is that I only started to listen to MG(B) around a year ago, sometime in the summer. For a song to bring back those memories is really saying something. Not to mention it's perfect for falling asleep to! While there are songs of his that I absolutely love, such as most of what has already been mentioned, if there is one song I most want other people to hear and enjoy as much as I do and serve as a testament to what a fantastic song writer he is, it's Suburbia.
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