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  1. Avalanche was the highlight in Brantford tonight.... Crowd energy was "interesting".... I wonder if Toronto is going to get a set list like Ottawa did....
  2. The Ottawa setlist is a dream setlist. Would make for an amazing live album. How can this be topped really? Its more or less every song over the past 20 years I would love to hear live rolled into one show.
  3. mr99

    Tour: 2018

    Wasn't sure how I would feel about this - hope they play more together - made me smile. They should all come out one night and do a Big Wreck or Moist song together just to really fuck with everyones head!
  4. That setlist is amazing. Any chance of hearing it anywhere? We really need to get Jackson Triggs on the phone out here in Niagara - so many nice wineries in Ontario - and I am sure we can track down a massive white board :) An acoustic tour with setlist like that would be fantastic. If there is anyway to hear last nights show ... please link me up!
  5. "Its time to call bullshit" - "Bullshit on what?" - "every-fucking-thing" - that sample from the start of the demo...where was it from?
  6. mr99

    2017 tour reviews

    We are getting old! :) - many people have their kids to get home to - if they haven't brought them along - and as fun as the crowds were during the early days (when I was in my early 20's) when you are pushing 40 getting dropped on a rail or being kicked in the head is not fun. Here's hoping some of the older stuff sticks around - Failing the Rorschach Test and Born to Kill - thats the stuff! How many times has one screamed along to those songs in their cars over the years...and Running for Home could just stick around forever :) The nostalgia is strong on this tour - remembering being 20 again feels great - and seems to be good for ticket sales and the merch business - always love the new records - I would guess most of us who go out to the shows on the regular wouldn't have problems with some of the deeper cuts being played...I get that Matt has to keep people happy with the hits...but his established fan base these days...most of us know and love all of it...another acoustic tour some day with Matt diving deep would be amazing...because as much as we would all love to see Audio of Being happen....I just don't think that is realistic...then again...Donnie Moscow is president so I suppose anything is possible...
  7. mr99

    2017 tour reviews

    Was quite impressed with the Hamilton show - love Stu more every time I see him - the whole light burning thing - Parapharsing Matt after the song..."should I keep playing...uhh should I stop...can anyone else smell that?" I had decent seats near the front and was around a bunch of fun folks - many VIP folks - however I am pretty sure one guy next to me missed the whole "Beautiful Midnight" theme of the show...I knew for sure when he leans in and screams at me "how does everyone know what songs are coming next?"....same guy..."I hope he plays some old stuff"...more funny than annoying... It was nice to see that many folks were present and in the moment - there was the odd cellphone - or one would come out for mere seconds and then go away....but it wasn't like some shows where 90% of the people are watching it through a screen all night...having seen another band earlier in the week with a far different target audience - the lack of cell phones in comparison stood out to me in a good way... Also if you see someone wearing ear plugs its not about it being too loud - its about it sounding better - many shows / venues sound better with them in. It cuts out the echo and you can actually hear everything that is being said / played quite clearly.
  8. That was great. Thanks I had never seen it before. As someone who will never get to see the entire country - I find it very interesting to hear about the rare perspective of someone who has.
  9. I can't help but wonder how rare / unique Matt's perspective of the country is. We all have a map in our head of both home and the places we visit - but few will ever tour the country countless times over 20 years. I wonder what associations Matt makes with the cities he plays the most...the venues, the crowds, the food in the green rooms...etc... After countless tours what becomes memorable? Would one remember smashing their Guitar at Canada's Wonderland or is that just a random night at the office? Does somewhere like Hamilton become the stop with the theatre that looks like the inside of a 70's spaceship - or is it more "the night before Toronto" - perhaps something more along the lines of - "Yup smells like we are in Hamilton..." The map of Canada in Matt's head would make for an interesting / fun feature article - if not an amazing book.
  10. I have been watching the uploads on youtube from this tour. I'm putting a little playlist together. Your videos have been great! Thanks for sharing!
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