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  1. Since things are a little quiet I thought I'd bump this to point out Hospital Music is currently $47.99 on amazon.ca Pretty good price if anyone is looking for it. https://www.amazon.ca/Hospital-Music-Vinyl-Matthew-Good/dp/B018WTZP6Y/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=matthew+good+hospital+music&qid=1592429622&sprefix=Matthew+good+&sr=8-1 Only one I'm missing from my vinyl collection is Vancouver, if anyone has a lead on a copy.
  2. Curious if Amazon is selling Avalanche on white or black. I'm a sucker for coloured variants so I hope it's white.
  3. I saw MGB at least a dozen times back during in the day. My first really big arena show was the MGB/Moist/Gob tour back in... 1999, I think. I was a superfan in high school but kind of fell out of track with Matt's music from Hospital Music to Chaotic Neutral. Something about "All You Sons and Daughters" pulled me back in and of course Beautiful Midnight Revisited is a huge nostalgia trip. MG's music is making it back into my regular rotation again. My regret is that gap I missed. I've been trying to backfill that era in my discography and finally tracked down an LP of Arrows of Desire and
  4. You're probably right. I thought I remembered Matt saying it once but maybe I was just daydreaming
  5. That's fantastic! Didn't Matt once say AoB would be a 3LP due to the run time? I imagine it'll probably be on black vinyl but I would pay handsomely for a black-grey-white triple album. That artwork will be beautiful on a record jacket too. Super looking forward to this one.
  6. I thought Snowaxe was a joke in reference to Hard Core Logo (the Bruce MacDonald movie). There's a scene where the guys are making up "fake Canadian band names" and one of the names is Snowaxe. Another is "Sled Dog Afterburst"
  7. I started listening to MGB in the period between Underdogs and Beautiful Midnight. I can clearly recall the first time I heard Apparitions on the radio and it completely turned me on to music in a way that changed my life. As a 15 year old it opened my eyes and ears to what was going on in the world of Canadian rock in the late nineties. That affinity for Canadian music and the artists who create it has stayed with me to this day, nearly 20 years later. The deeper album tracks on Underdogs are so fantastic; Invasion 1, Look Happy it's the End of the World, Strangest One of All, Change
  8. I've seen the normal picture with the three astronauts walking down the steps. I thought the difference between the independent release and the major label release was just the text identifying the band name/title. Same art is on both. Another poster mentioned having a CD with the "original cover", in addition to the two other releases of LOTGA. I'm not sure what the "original" looks like.
  9. What was the original cover art for LOTGA? I've seen the cover with the astronauts and the blue MGB labelling (independent release) as well as the one with red Matthew Good Band labelling we all know. I had no idea there was a third.
  10. I know, right. It all seems like two lifetimes have gone by since. I remember the big undertaking to try to transcribe the lyrics to the extra verse to Suburbia, and I think eventually Matt himself posted them. I can't even remember my own username but I think his was a Blade Runner reference. JF Sebastian, or something. Wow. That was a long, long time ago.
  11. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've even been hanging around since the Metro/Nation of Cool/Massage Board days. I was at the show in Picton last night and thought I'd post just for completeness on reporting all the shows. I've been a Matthew Good/MGB fan since 1998, so last night was a real treat. I think my last time seeing Matt was on the WLR&RR tour. The Beautiful Midnight songs were fantastic. I got a huge wave of emotions when the chant started at the beginning of Giant. It really took me back to a different place. I was front row, almost in the centre and I was afra
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