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  1. my heart felt condolences to his wife,family,friends and fans r.i.p geoff
  2. champions single explosion load me up put out your lights odette blue skies black helicopter i'm a window 99% born losers devils apparations weapon ----encore------- giant timb bomb she's in it for the money girl in the war
  3. matt talked about what happened in saskatoon at winnipegs show,there were bunch of ppl protesting outside the church about matts music being the devils music,he was a little surprised
  4. right on man,still works
  5. that girl was the classic hero of the night,i can just imagine how dumb she felt lol
  6. cameras were allowed i got about 70 pics
  7. does anyone know how much that jacket is?
  8. ow the search is comming up with nothing,but wierd i was able to get tix last night
  9. just wanted to let ppl know for the past some weeks,winnipeg show keeps showing sold out,but i managed to buy tickets last night still,try on ticketmaster.com
  10. i need a ticket for wpg show
  11. Did you ever feel like you're living in a time without a reason, a year without a season, another day cut by the killing joke If I was on the outside looking at the inside I would burn this place to the ground Straight to the ground, now
  12. someone said it earlier sex sells,why not put a couple of chick in bikini's on the front and call it goodies ;)
  13. i go tthe black market surgery book,i won it from muchmusic with what ever cd matt had come with back in 99
  14. i had read an article in the sun saying he wasnt sure what his next album was gonna be,also another that was said the last time he toured with the full band could be his last time wich was last fall,hopefully not,would like to see him rock out again ;)
  15. excellent idea,covering songs or putting ur own spin,im game for that
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