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  1. Thanks for sharing this here :) I posted the question on FB as well and I'm so delighted that he actually responded
  2. I bought a copy of Something Like A Storm this morning, put it my car cd player and the album title came up as Station of State. I read here that SOS was "almost the name". Why the inconsistencies between the two?
  3. I also get goosebumps from music, albeit, not often but it happens. Odette does it to me everytime.
  4. Listened to Days Come Down on Spotify for the first time today. I absolutely love it, however, the balance of the audio seems off. Matt's voice seems to be much lower than the instruments. Just curious if anyone else has noticed it or maybe it's just Spotify....
  5. Can't choose just one so top 5... #5. Avalanche #4. The Boy Who Could Explode #3. Empty's Theme Park #2.Odette #1.On Nights Like Tonight
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