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  1. Bill Hicks: Patton Oswalt: David Cross: Neil Hamburger: Zach Galifianakis: And though he isn't technically a comedian, John Hodgman is the funniest person in this universe:
  2. He's brilliant. http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...ifianakis&hl=en
  3. I'm dumb. Does anybody have a password? There was a weird post of a pornstar body-gliding a guy with a superman tattoo and some news about a llama right before it became secret, which is to say Bangkok Rubdown had an interesting future.
  4. It may have been on the setlist, but it certainly wasn't played last night.
  5. I've got three extra tickets to the 2nd show. PM me.
  6. "Backstage With the Moderen Dancers" is my favourite cut from the new record.
  7. He did an acoustic "Oh Be Joyful" on the C-Fox radio show just before "In a Coma" was released. It was nifty.
  8. Some light reading for the uninitiated: Drunk Pilot Seeks Drunk Co-Pilot Disorientation 5 Things to remember on motion sickness pills You will understand...
  9. I don't know about an opener...It's almost too complex right off the bat, but it's one of the most interesting bootlegs from the Acoustic Tour. I think he only played it a handful of times during it. Great song.
  10. I agree. Most of Daniel's music is on iTunes now, so a person can check it out there, though some of his music is still hard to find.
  11. Matt hasn't recorded this song yet, so if you're thinking that Matt Good has forgotten to sing, that is not the case... As for the original, Daniel Johnston's genius is unpleasing to many people...but if you listen hard enough and consider the troubled soul behind the music, his music is incredible. Kurt Cobain loved it.
  12. Jeff Tweedy hasn't left Wilco at all, though he will have a solo DVD out on Oct. 24th called Sunken Treasure. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is one of my desert island five for sure. Ghost is a great record but YHF is a masterpiece. See them if you ever get the chance. They are incredible.
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