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    middle class gangster(im from the suburbs so it has a special meaning for me, with all the kids that go to my school)
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    21st century living
  1. two things that would happen if 16 year olds(like me) could vote: 1. either weed would get legalized or the green party will get mighty powerful. since all the stoners who havn't grown out of the "hey hey smoke weed every day" phase will have a voice. 2. it might even out all the senior citizens who vote, which would be a good thing. i mean most of them can't poop on their own but they get more influnce in this country than 16 year olds who could actually undersand the issues.
  2. the only good thing about Kanata is how close it is to Carp. the only good things about carp are the parties.
  3. Im an ottawa fan, and we are amazing. Leafs this year suck balls. in fact it's so uneven that the sens might even manage to beat the leafs in the playoffs this year. ;) pat quinn is a douche
  4. did anybody send in the suburbia video?
  5. when im feeling wild why is paul walker such a bad actor?
  6. all together euphony generation x-wing(rooms) suburbia sort of a protest song a boy and his machine gun IBAWSIWYM a long way down truffle pigs (rooms)
  7. satrt it with the part in load me up where matt gets out of the water. it will look epic if you slow it down a bit.
  8. middle class gangster born to kill my out of style is coming back agoraphobe carmilina Prime time deliverance(rooms) hopeless cant get shot in the back if you don't run weapon
  9. anyone know about the acoustic show's location?
  10. if i was going to road trip it i would go to montreal, cause there are no rules in quebec.
  11. actually i sent him an e-mail about this. i wouldn't mind this concert being private at all if their was a second tour later thisyear and on it a show open to the public. it could be part of the contract with the bear that he can't play two shows, cause if he did then winning wouldn't be that big of a deal, and that isn't what the bear wants at all.
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