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  1. IF anyone is interested, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine shed some light on the lyrics to Bombs Away, as well as the rest of their published songs back in 2003 . There was also a screenshot of a page, which I've attached. To '...clear it up' -- as it was posted on their now defuct web page: Bombs Away There was a day We had a dream And called it Manifest Destiny Some people died They were in the way When the President said "Bombs away" We faked a war To kill some more And all I could say Was "what for?" The headlines said Three thousand dead And now they say "Bombs away" I'll apologize For my country's lies Now that all our enemies Have been cut down to size I saw them die Through a camara's eye Just another day Of "bombs away" Bombs away... Blood runs deep Flows like a river Youth kills child For godless sinners An offering of peace Scattered like ashes A war machine rises It growls and it gnashes I cry To the sky The sun won't shine today It's bombs away It's bombs away It's bombs away... I'm still hoping for more info, so please, if you have a clue as to what happened to these guys, or how to contact them, pass that along. Thanks.
  2. In the fourteen years since Acid & Ozone first showed up on my radar, I haven't seen or heard from them since. I ran across this short mention on your board in my efforts of trying to find them and their song "Bombs Away", again, after getting only a weak copy of it in MP3 format, way back then. I'd like to contact them, if at all possible, so if you ever did get any info on them, would appreciate it very much if you would pass that along. I'd love to produce their song here at the studio, and need to contact them in order to honor their copyrights. They seem to have disappeared. A pity, since they sounded great. Great forum, by the way! Thanks...
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