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  1. I was wondering who else in Richmond Hill would be swarming the concert! I'm glad it won't be a dead audience. The Toronto shows will be buzzing more though. Can't wait to hear reviews of those shows! And thanks for the video. Tonight will likely binge on the the great recordings you all have posted here. How long is Poesy's set? I'll likely have to come in after she's done unfortunately. Concert is at 8pm so if I arrive at 8:30pm I should be just in time for the break between sets?
  2. Sorry to hear your son is sick! Just in case it's feasible, I saw someone posting about tix for sale at the Richmond Hill show on Facebook. Not that you'd want to be away from your son while he's sick, but in case he's on the mend and you're able to step out for the evening, I thought I'd mention. Lurker here... just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been posting reviews of the shows. It was bittersweet reading them because I bought my ticket before I found out I was pregnant and my due date was in February with the show being in March, so I knew there would be a very slim chance I'd be able to make it. Thankfully baby's taking to a bottle so I'll be able to catch this epic (to me) show! Sadly I won't be able to attend the VIP session, which would send me over the moon if I could go. Anyone else going to the Richmond Hill show on March 9? I bought the ticket so early because it was 1/3 sold already in May, but I would have thought most people would snag the Toronto shows instead. I have a lot of catching up to do as I'm a boomerang fan (long story super short, I missed out from Audio of Being and just came back during Something Like A Storm), and I know this sounds so backwards but I didn't want to listen much to songs of a great concert I couldn't attend because it would just remind me of what I'm missing. Now that I know I'm going, this week is going to be packed with reviewing and learning songs.
  3. I thought it was mentioned earlier but can't find the post, but Richmond Hill has been selling tix since announcing the 2018-2019 season in July. Don't know about Danforth tho.
  4. Never mind, figured it out. On MG website.
  5. How will the artist pre-sale be announced? Website? Social media? Aside from Facebook, that is. Holding my breath for tomorrow morning! Really hoping to swing a VIP package!
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