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  1. Yeah, I think I saw that video before. I remember someone posted a link to it long time ago on a Matt Good fansite message board. It was either on runningforhome or nationofcool.
  2. Secured tickets for Calgary and NYC!
  3. Definitely gonna go to the Calgary show and maybe NYC too?
  4. Cool! I watched a March 2018 Youtube video of Toque playing "Tom Sawyer", and it's awesome.
  5. Toque (with Todd Kerns), Grey Cup Festival Outdoor Tailgate - Nov. 24. I hope they play Rush's "Tom Sawyer". That would be epic! Half Moon Run - Jan. 17, 2020
  6. My pleasure, Juanpe. Anytime.
  7. Jake Shimabukuro in Honolulu, Hawaii on November 4. :)
  8. Moist - August 24th. The last time I saw David Usher was circa 2001. This should be interesting. I hope he sings Billie Jean. Tegan and Sara - October 10th. I look forward to hearing their Calgary high school stories, Jann Arden - November 8th Matthew Good - hopefully there will be a tour in the fall/winter
  9. The concert was amazing. The band sound even better with age, if that’s even possible. It looked like they were having a great time on stage. They were smiling a lot at each other, especially Stuart. He must really love what he does. It showed on stage. It was cool to see that. The Beautiful Midnight songs sounded fresh and new, especially Get It On. I had to do a double-take on that song. I thought I never heard or didn’t hear that song in many, many years. Load Me Up sounded like the BM version and Born to Kill sounded a little different to me. I enjoyed hearing those songs. Overall, they sounded great.
  10. Upcoming I have: 06/21 & 06/22 – Matthew Good, Bif Naked, Big Wreck, The Watchmen @ Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival 07/10 – Headstones, Billy Idol, Blondie, Doug and the Slugs @ Roundup Music Fest 07/12 – Wil, Amanda Marshall, Bryan Adams, Odds @ Oxford Stomp I haven’t seen Wil since he opened up for Matthew Good at Cowboys during the White Light Rock & Roll Revue 2004 tour. That should be good. 07/14 – Death Cab for Cutie @ The Coca Cola Stage, Calgary Stampede 08/10 - Jann Arden @ Badlands Amphitheatre, Drumheller (outdoor stage)
  11. Looking forward to seeing Bif Naked, Big Wreck and Matt Good at the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival. I love road trips. Hopefully, Matt will share a few stories from his vacation in Italy.
  12. That goes double for me. That live version of She's Got a New Disguise was absolutely amazing. I hope Matt and the band play that song live in future. Geoff's live guitar playing sounded great. I've never heard it so clear before. Matt sure looked young with so many different hairstyles. I enjoyed watching the videos. They were very interesting.
  13. It was the low point of all the shows I went to, nothing to do with Matt though. Hopefully, the show in Vancouver will end the tour on a high note. Have fun at the concert.
  14. I did record it. I hope it turned out good. It was the full version, I think.
  15. Calgary VIP soundcheck Selling You My Heart Men At the Door Tangled Up in Blue cover
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