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  1. One of my favourite tracks by Matt is '21st Century Living.' A Canadian fan made a music video for it that consisted of a bunch of short video clips featuring WWII footage, modern TV clips from the 9/11 era, etc. The video ends with a soldier laying on the ground with the focus on his "Canada" shoulder patch. It used to be on YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. The creator said in his original upload back in the mid-2000s that he made it for a school project in a film class. I found it very profound and moving. The video has since disappeared from all of those sites and there are no archived copies of it on the Internet Wayback Machine. I've tried locating it via search engines, but with no luck. It's the sort of thing that I imagine would probably exist on P2P networks like KaZaA back in the day, but I believe those communities have dried-up. I figured it doesn't hurt to ask here. I know the chances are slim, but; does anyone here have a copy of it they might have downloaded before it got taken down by what I assume are DMCA claims?
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