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  1. What song did you not like and why was it boring? He was my favourite on Saturday at Richmond Hill, and ive seen him a lot.. not nearly as much as you though! On Saturday he was really funny and in good spirits. Have you heard Radicals yet? I really want to hear it.
  2. Hey, I tried to respond earlier but it didn't work. He didn't play How it Goes, you might be thinking Los Alamos? Selling you my heart, Men at the Door, Strange Days, Prime Time, Rabbits, Mrs. Smith/Time Bomb, Fated, Fine Art, Fearless, Empty Road, Load, Apparitions, Encore: Los Alamos, Window, Bad Lands. Anyone have Radicals? I haven't heard this song yet and would love to. Please let me know!
  3. I haven't seen many reviews for the Richmond Hill show. It was incredible. I went there a few months ago for Raine and Kreviazuk, and no matter what seats you have, you'll have a great viewing spot (this is why I picked this venue over Danforth - also to avoid Ticketmaster). I had what looked like 'bad' seats, and we had a perfect view in the middle towards the back. Also you never have to worry about tall people in front of you at this location! I've been seeing him live at least once a year since 2009, and this was the best mood he's ever been in - everyone was laughing and I feel he could do comedy as a side gig and get lots of laughs if he wanted. Hearing Fearless and Empty Road back to back was a highlight and very emotional for me. I got goosebumps during both. I loved the Mrs. Smith/Time Bomb mash-up - and Time Bomb had such a cool sound this time. Selling You My Heart was an incredible experience. The changes he made to Fated at the end are very memorable. I haven't always liked changes to songs (Suburbia during the BM tour is my best example) - but I have to say - all these changes are so good. I've heard his acoustic versions sound very just slowed down like In A Coma - but here it sounded so good and creative. I ended up having to record much of the show because of how wonderful and different it was. People are mentioning a new song called Radicals? I haven't found or heard that one...would love to check it out.
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