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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15nmaY3YBDZXTN8A4YHpFMvL4P7tQo75R/view?usp=sharing
  2. I'm not about to change the décor of my home due to some bad PR regarding an x relationship... making room for Tribus
  3. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce754286e044e6a0cc7d8/1617749861013/05-Lost+and+Found+Kids-CPS-VR2.3.mp3/original/05-Lost+and+Found+Kids-CPS-VR2.3.mp3 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce893e009de7583199f29/1617750179014/08-A+Corridor+of+Trees-CPS-VR2.3.mp3/original/08-A+Corridor+of+Trees-CPS-VR2.3.mp3 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce9c7136bda2a0884c022/1617750486806/09-Hollis-CPS-VR2.3.mp3/original/09-Hollis-CPS-VR2.3.mp3
  4. What dirty pages can you be more specific thanks
  5. I’ve been reading over the screen captures of peoples experience with Matthew. There are 4 stories in total not 25, so I’m not sure who these abused women are. Of the 4 stories 2 are believable and only 1 of the stories is “bad” but its from 2002 when he was still bi polar and undiagnosed. So we have a trend of bad relationships, he cheats on his wife(s). Matthew is not first person to do this and will not be the last. The problem is he is being labelled as abusive toward women. The news article is published as if he a predator which he is not. Based on the experiences published here and from reddit, it is confirmed he can be a jerk but this does not warrant the termination of his record label. Hayley Mather went to great troubles to make the issue more serious than it needed to be, I have been doing some digging and she isn’t the best of people either. Matthew has a history of dating the wrong people personally I wouldn't have touched Hayley Mather with 10-foot pole. She is like alive grenade waiting to go off. It really come across as a bad break up from someone isn’t sta,ble themselves. With that being said he is not a serial abuser. He is however an asshole which we all know, I happen to like Matthew personality it good to have people who speak their mind. Maybe Matthew has some growing to do but he has come a long way, mental health can be tricky (I’m speaking from experience). When you are the medication it doesn’t work 100% you never feel like yourself and decision making can be askew. I’m certain this is why he has had so many failed relationships. I have spent good amount of time researching this topic and trust that Matthew is telling the truth. If anything, we should gather together and have the new outlets issue a retraction as there is no proof of being a certified abuser towards women. Over the last 3 decades it is clear that Matthew has done more good than harm and we should appreciate his charitable work. This is not how a Canadian rock legend should be remembered.
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/Mattgood/ There are may discussion on going regarding the allegations still no hard evidence
  7. https://mgtimesup.tumblr.com/ I read some of the statements, I have not gathered an opinion at this time
  8. Do we know who the victims are, how come they are not posting here
  9. It sounds like a bad break up when my wife and were ending out 12 year long relationship she accused me of all sorts of thing. Matthew is a rock star at the end of the day and women come with the territory. I have been reading the new articles surrounding the story of being a serial abuser and doesn't sound legit. Matthew is a man of integrity if it were true I'm sure he would have come forward regarding the allegations, however he has publicly posted they are not true. I'm sure Matthew can be a difficult individual to deal with at times but who is perfect. Its sad that the label has made the decision to drop him as an artist but I'm sure he can bounce back. If there was more to the story it would have reach major media outlets and he would have been charged with a criminal conviction. As there has been a gap of time since December when Global pick up the story and nothing more has happened it most likely smoke and mirrors. With that being said I will stand behind Matthew.
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