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  1. 93' you say... that a pretty long time good to see a dedicated fan on the site. You must have some of the very rare Matthew Good items. I'm actually looking for the Indie release of Raygun. As for the VIP experience its an absolute must it will give you the opportunity to have some of you collectives to be autographed. Has anyone noted how the MG signature has changed over the years as at one time it was signed MFG and now its simply MG. Do the older style signatures hold more value? What if you could get one of his Solo albums singed with the old style signature would it make it more authentic and or valuable?
  2. Are you looking for something specific?
  3. I think he is speaking to mental health
  4. White Light (2004) Avalanche (2003) Lights of Endangered Species (2011) Arrows of Desire (2013–2015) Hospital Music, live album (2007-2008) Chaotic Neutral (2013–2015) Something Like a Storm (2017–present) Vancouver (2009-2010)
  5. Got my VIP tickets today, not too badly priced $100 the services fees of $10 are a bit of a snag
  6. I'll be at the Kitchener show if anyone wants to get together I'll buy them a beer
  7. It says the VIP is an add-on sale item does this mean you can pre-order the regular tickets today and add the VIP on the 13th - I don't want to end up buying twice the amount of tickets
  8. Does anyone know how to buy the VIP pass the link does not appear to be working the MG site?
  9. Back in 97/98 there were hundreds of fan sites linked from the official mgb site most were sponsored by porn the mgb site had a disclaimer in order to access geo cities etc
  10. I think at 3:10 he says “Its time you get over it”
  11. Lyrics Maybe we’re okay Maybe we’re not the problem The sun came out today But I just gazed at the outline of the moon Go on Sicily Go and get your ragtime We can dance in the street Way past midnight and we can kiss like we mean it And we can mean it all the time It’s something you get over It’s something you get over Oh Sicily I feel so obvious Maybe I’m just bad at things Maybe I’m just better off camera Cause I feel everything and you know maybe it’s time I oughta’ It was always a long shot That we would make it all this way It may be cold outside baby but you know it ain’t every day It’s something you get over It’s something you get over
  12. http://theyyscene.com/2007/10/25/ffwd-lowering-the-standard/ https://westernstandard.blogs.com/shotgun/2006/02/clist_rocker_ta.html
  13. As we're on the subject of one rarities, I'm looking for the "video game" song. Its a 16 bit rendition of Weapon and or a compilation mix of a few Matthew Good songs that sound like a track for a video game. It was fan made but hosted on the Matthew Good site for a short period of time. Reaching out to see if anyone has a copy? Please and thanks.
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