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  1. I sent a complaint to Sound Rink via the Better Business Bureau and got my money back https://www.bbb.org/us/me/portland/profile/event-ticket-sales/sound-rink-inc-0021-143327/complaints
  2. I got ripped off as the concert was cancelled by $22 due to this I wont be attending any matt good concerts for the next year Sound Rink Inc. - negative$221.98 Dec 13Payment Loading transaction details for Sound Rink Inc. - negative$221.98 Dec 13Payment Visa VISA Credit Card x-0277 You'll see "PAYPAL *SOUND RINK" on your card statement. $221.98 Paid with Transaction ID 2DE93284P67174416 Seller info So
  3. There was a story about how the entire album being written and Matt had undergrown throat surgery meaning he couldn't sing. All the songs were recorder and Matt sang the songs in his head once he recovered he recorder the audio with lyrics. Im not sure if this was the AoB or Avalanche but there is a noticeable difference in his level of singing. If I'm not mistaken Jen had convinced his to take vocal lessons. There is a lot more to the story but that's all I can remember for now...
  4. There is a digital or digitized version of weapon it was a fan made remix matt hosted on the site sounded like video game music
  5. The MG Team has offered a 30% discount off the merchandise
  6. I notice the email indicated process fees will not be refunded
  7. I would love to see the masses rally and decide to no longer pay for mortgages, keep the house and refuse to pay give the whole system a shake
  8. Im really digging Beauty although its a little religious
  9. I think its 60 posts, which is difficult to do with out spamming - I have a vast collection of rare matt good music, I'm willing to share as well
  10. What if you dont have access to the plus?
  11. Subject: Matthew Good Tour Postponed
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