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  1. I love this album the lyrics for Sicily and Thousand Tons now seem prophetic
  2. I'm a Canuck recently moved to the US (don't start) and I have tickets and plan to drive up to Sarnia Sunday. I love this album and am a HUGE fan. But this country has severely screwed up testing and containment and I don't want to put Ontarians at risk. Michigan has only had tests in state for less than a week and the state is recommending to cancel events with more than 100 people. I want to live an enjoyed life (which involves MG) and not live in fear unnecessarily but I don't want to put anyone in harms way. What would you do?
  3. The first listen I wasn't so sure - but I had the same feeling with Something Like a Storm - so I kept listening and it grew on me as well. I agree that this is a front to back listen so making the time for it makes me disagree with those saying this is not Matt. It's heavy, uplifting, hopeful, sad, perplexing and enlightening with musical accompaniment that rests in your heart. The sequence/story 1-4 and 11-15 is more clear to me than the middle. But Your Rainy Sound is significant. This song, I love. And my initial thoughts were at first, is this unfinished (death is a blanket and some
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