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  1. Missing the chance to (try to) get into that super-intimate solo show he did at his old condo in downtown Vancouver. Didn't know about it till years later. Follow up was not seeing the tour where Mother Mother opened for him (another fav of mine)
  2. In a World Called Catastrophe. I don't know why but two notes in every time I rage-skip it. I just... Can't.
  3. Hi everyone! Matt's been my all-time favourite musician for well over 20 years now! I've been lurking here for well over a decade. Been lucky enough to see him perform 4 times (3 full band, 1 solo acoustic) since 2005. So for those who are aware of what his setlists tend to consist of -- what are your top 5 songs he almost never plays live? Here are mine, in no particular order, but doing two lists -- one for solo, one for MGB material. MGB "Missing 5": - Under the Influence - Failing the Rorschach Test - Alabama Motel Room - Jenni's Song - Let's Get it On
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