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  1. A little diversion, but I'm quite pleased with this cover I did of Jimi Hendrix Experience's Fire https://youtu.be/v2EVWrrbmFE
  2. Thanks very much, I'm glad you're enjoying the tracks. I never did pursue getting the material ready for live as I was quite busy playing out with my studio partner's band and producing, doing live sound and all the other stuff. I would have been fun to do however, it would have likely been a four piece group.
  3. Ok Daniel, here we go... you may need to re read this a few times to get the gyst. I'm going to describe not only the tunings, but also the the arrangements in terms of tracks. The best advice I have in terms of learning these guitars is to first be familiar with the CAGE chord shapes in standard, as these alter quite a bit when you play in open tuning. Most of the songs from the Mixed Emotions era, ie, 1999-2002 were written with open tunings on the acoustic guitars, blended with standard tuned electrics on top. Lover's Canyon, Torture, and Essential Truth are standard tu
  4. More snips from my schedule at Utopia Parkway, kind of shows what chaos I was living in, writing and recording in the gaps ======================================================================= 1/2/00 Jerry Nickel 1/3/00 Jax and John 1/4/00 Jax and Jeff 1/5/00 Stuff To Do 1/5/00 Jax and Jeff 1/6/00 Re:MGB 1/6/00 Jeff
  5. First I would like to thank you Daniel for your detailed interest in my music, it shows you have a keen ear for details and layers, which is what I endevour to do when writing and arranging my songs, and those of my clients. There are several tricks of the trade that you have uncovered. Similar to artists like Jeff Buckley, I've always been quite eclectic in my tastes. The vast survey of music that informs how I approach arranging music becomes evendent in the layers of these songs. As a kid my first two major interests where in Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. My sister
  6. I've launched a bandcamp site and intend on issuing a few more releases The first one is up here: https://johnnyshepp.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. Thanks so much guys, appreciate the props. The full channel is here if the URL doesn't get munged. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVMEJhvzoWvBeU2xncd2raw
  8. Thankyou all for your kindness and interest earlier this year on the records and demos I worked on with MG/B. It was something I'd intended to do long before this year, but fitting as there is still a lot of interest in the period leading up to and including 1995. I hope the pain of this current crisis diminishes and we can once again attend or play live concerts and see our favorite artists. It's been a game changer for my industry and I've seen many of my contemporaries suffer greatly from depression, lack of work, lack of social contact and despair. It's not unlike being in the middle of an
  9. Actually, Matt and I were always goofing around talking in Monty Python voices, and called the multitrack recorders "the big machine that goes "bing"". Probably shows you the atmosphere we had together was generally light hearted. No doubt we kept some of that stuff in just for fun, or it was such a rush job, I didn't mute it out on mixdown. The Depeche song was totally appropriate for that line up to do, I agree, it fit in with the overall sound they had perfectly, and I dedicated a whole session to mixing the final. I was starting another project the next day and another band was in
  10. Thanks Daniel, I quite enjoyed the talk with Ian and you and the stuff that came up. So with regards to the overall vibe of songs like "Awkward", it really does bare no musical comparison to AMR except being edgy and different. Lyrically and musically there no similarities. The Depeche cover is very close to the original in approach, notably faster though and without layered vocals. The Piano and Cello and Guitar overdubs create the spacious elements, especially in the tag, building up to a crescendo. There is a breakdown before the tag where Ariel does a cool tapping bass arpeggio and t
  11. Hi Adam, I'm glad this whole topic has been well received by the fans of MGB. The great thing about the interview was the stuff that was uncovered that perhaps had forgotten. I think given the timeline, the new line up (power trio or with Dave Genn) had a good period of time to gel and define a style. At first the reference points rhythmically were far from the more progressive folk of the previous incarnation of the band, throwing a lot more Police and Pixies into the mix. With Dave in there, this was glued. So the song titles in the vault are as follows: Last of the Ghetto Astrona
  12. You're welcome, Millstone, yes I would tend to agree, but you never know, with age sometimes you get sentimental. Yes, it was recorded on linear digital tape. The studio had a good compliment of decent tube preamps, and the console was english (an Allen and Heath with VCA automation)
  13. Yes I do have the full digital master of Euphony. At this point it is in the vault. If there was a desire to release it digitally, that process could be done. The 15 hours material I am unaware of any digital media that was kept. It may have just been a cassette, given we were using the studio as part of an award. I know the Sony DASH tapes were provided free of charge and likely reused later by students. It was a studio used by either Trebas or Columbia Academy at the time. It's likely my assistants on that session were all students as well.
  14. Very sad news. RIP Rich Rock
  15. Hi Steve, Yes I've stayed in touch with all the previous band members, as well as Dave and Ian. Stay tuned, there's an interview video that Ian and I participated in with Daniel that should answer a few more questions and reflects upon our work all those years ago.
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