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  1. Well since you asked OriginalSpecies, I have one last copy of the Matthew Good notebook, pen and lanyard from the his solo tour VIP soundcheck. I also have a White Light Rock & Roll Review CD, with no CD booklet, and an Our Lady Peace-MG tour VIP lanyard. I don't know if you want that. PM me your details and they're yours. That's all I have for extras. Thanks for saying that.
  2. Sure it's all yours, foats. Expect a gigantic box of all his CDs and MG merch. Shipping is on me. It's my treat.
  3. Sadly, I can’t keep enjoying the art for art’s sake, including live performances. It’s a done deal for me and there's no going back. I’m at the point where I want to get rid of all my Matthew Good merch and burn it. I was around when he shared new material, but I chose not to listen to it. Edit: You're not allowed to air grievances or diss Matt in here? I am looking at the RickDalton's pictures above. In the past, I would have admired it and thought it looked nice. But now, I can't help it. It looks more to me like a wall of shame.
  4. This whole ordeal reminds me of an interview Matt did in 2001. It seemed to foreshadow the predicament he is in now. - The Story Of Matthew Good Band, MuchMoreMusic, 2001 Matt should learn to take his own advice. Is this how he wants to be remembered? His silence speaks volumes.
  5. Matt owes me $2000 for getting rid of that gossip site. When you googled his name in 2015, the first 20 results showed that gossip site. I know I can kiss that money goodbye, because Matt doesn’t care if a person cleans up after his mess or if his bad behavior hurts people in the process. He just lies his way out of it and paints himself as a victim. How could I have been so stupid? I should have let him clean up his own mess.
  6. I have to let this out before I can move on. I was the clueless person who arranged to get the Dirty pages on Matt taken down a few years ago, and it’s been bothering me for quite some time. You go out of your way to help a guy who is in a bind and what does he do? As a token of gratitude, he continuously lies to your face to cover up his own misdeeds. I mean, who does that? Only a fricking psychopath. I will probably be banned from the Bored for saying that.
  7. sharon


    That was a beautiful tribute to your son. The City and Colour song was beautiful too. Your son was lucky to have you as a Dad. I'm sure he is watching from heaven and smiling.
  8. I have to admit it was refreshing to see Jeremy Taggart, a man in the Canadian music industry, rally behind the 25 women who have come forward on Twitter. I have a newfound respect for him. I hope Raine Maida follows suit. I have seen him champion women on a few of his Instagram posts in the past.
  9. All this waiting around is killing me. Usually when something big happens, Matt is quick to respond. Not this time; this time is different. He is so quiet...
  10. I watched 35 minutes of this concert so far. I am loving it so far. Nicely done, Everett. You did an awesome job taping and preserving your VHS tape and great job on the digitizing, Adam. I am impressed. The video quality is superb, and the audio is clear. Matt sure looks different with the longer hair. It looks really good on him. I wish I could have gone to that concert. I love the nostalgia of Much Music live concerts. I wish we could dig into the Much Music vault and see more Matthew Good Band and other Canadian rock live concerts. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I bet you 100 bucks that MatthewGoodFan101 will do it. It seems right up his alley. Thanks. I look forward to watching this! I have never watched Snowjob 99 before. It only took me 21 years to watch it.
  12. That must have been a cool concert. I don’t know how I feel about the car horn honking though. It sounds kind of loud. I believe Big Wreck did a live stream of their last drive-in concert, but I forgot to buy a ticket. I hope the comeback of drive-in theater music concerts continues into 2021. I would love to attend at least one of them in my lifetime just for the experience.
  13. Chris Cornell's cover of Guns N' Roses song "Patience" This is the best cover song I have ever heard in my life. Beautiful song. https://youtu.be/myZ32Pf-5PE On an unrelated note, Ian Thornley’s voice (of Big Wreck) sure sounds a lot like Chris Cornell. Maybe I will go see Big Wreck in January if live concerts are safe, and they're following COVID-19 guidelines and protocol.
  14. Yeah, they processed my VIP refund minus the credit card processing fee of $11. What a rip off. Ticketmaster doesn't do that. They refund the full amount. Is yours $22 because you paid for two VIP soundchecks?
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