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    yeah i found it, sweet eh? of course i find it funny. everything is funny.
  1. How many dead babies does it take to paint a wall? -Depends how hard you throw um. How do remove dead babies from your drive way? -With a snowblower. Whats funnier then a pile of dead Babies? -The live one trapped in the middle. What do you call a Goth with braces? -A Black and Decker pecker wrecker.
  2. Turtles that are ninjas and teenagers, 6 feet tall and buff, and take orders from a rat. How could you go wrong? COWABUNGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  3. Playing pump marker style, makes you play smart, and you save ammo.
  4. I looked like that one day. It's really a great story. lol.
  5. I like the animation, but it isn't that disturbing, just twisted. Salad Fingers is also awesome.
  6. Anton, that is amazing, you could really go places. ;) This is what I did on MS PAINT.
  7. Ride all over Ontario and Quebec, I ride a 2004 Norco A-line. My avatar pic is me.
  8. Hey Sparq, have you ever met the artist who writes as neat, or VLT crew, or skaver? If you ever saw any LCP stickers up, those were mine. haha, yes lazy but esy to remove for the people that have to. haha.
  9. "fist syllable" or first syllable
  10. Oh no all alone and out numbered. ;) Ninja time!! and common is suposed to sound like a hick lisp.
  11. Fight? No fight, just stupid jabbering. CALLING ALL MODS!!!
  12. WARNING Bizud is a racist influence, his actions do not reflect the opinions or feelings of "The Bored" or all of its users.
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