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  1. the easiest site to use for searching torrents is www.torrents.to you can search through different sites, and it links you to all of them, instead of bookmarking or searching through google.
  2. bought the new chevelle album....pretty decent if you're looking for something that's not very deep at all. lol
  3. yossarian, that's funny I remember MGB playing western fair promoting AoB and Dave said something similar after soundcheck...people were lined up and we just walked around the gates and up to the guys. My friend Ken and I expressed how we liked the instrumentation on the album, and dave said "well we all put in our two cents, but it all depends on who you ask" or something along those lines...seemed kind of envious
  4. btw guys, the title of the song is just "Jesus" not "Jesus Christ" wow, enough of that useless nitpicking
  5. this album is tits, just one of those albums where the whole sound and everything connects with me...i love every note, every chord progression, every beat. anyways, that's my humble opinion
  6. they think they're sooo special with their little cars and faggy little mail bags, they prance around the streets, and double park uptown....gah, I hate mail carriers!
  7. is michael bolton considered soft rock? that guy has a voice that I'm quite sure we will never hear again. Matty G's got my favourite voice, and I think that he's got one of the better voices in rock music. and I agree with Daryl Palumbo as well, very unique. Chris Cornell has some great recorded lyrical moments, but live, not so much.
  8. I used to have that mgb sound scheme as well when you got a new private message it would say "just stares up at the sky, frozen" and things in that vein
  9. glassjaw

    Saw 3

    no no....I think you spelled awesome incorrectly. it's a forgiveable typo
  10. forgive me if this topic got moved from the matt good section to the music in general...but I was under the impression that this WAS NOT solely a matt good board.....perhaps the 9 other areas of this MB is all about matt good and I just missed that memo
  11. glassjaw

    Saw 3

    just got back from seeing this....pretty decent flick, when released at the right time....aka, hallowe'en. Couple moderately jumpy parts, but the theater was full of like 15 year olds that wouldn't shut up. I actually turned around and told some kid that I really don't need the fucking play by play of whats going on in the movie.
  12. it's a better single than the bollocks that was "HEY..MEG..A..LO..MAN-I-AC."
  13. kids used to empty them all the time because the garbage cans were always right by the door, and the front chalkboard was where the sharpener was, so it was a long walk and people would watch you....those kids needed to be the center of attention
  14. did you write that reply whilst intoxicated, perhaps?? I'm being the killer from the scream trilogy....its sweet digs
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