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  1. I'm glad others look to be enjoying the album. I kind of even forgot about it but it popped up in my spotify today. I'm about halfway through it now and I've been bored to tears since it started. I guess this album is just not for me. I love me some rock n roll and this just isn't it. No worries though. I'll bet it'll still be great live if I'm able to catch a show this time around.
  2. Is WLRRR ever going to come out on vinyl?
  3. I got my replacement Avalanche vinyl today. As everyone guessed, it is still the black vinyl. I don't know how musicvaultz plans on resolving the issue but I now have two Avalanche black vinyl records.
  4. It's possible. I'll keep on bugging them for a white one though until the refund me.
  5. My reshipment should be here Monday. Hopefully it's a white one. Or I'll have two black vinyls.
  6. Musicvaultz finally emailed me back and said that they're resending the avalanche vinyl. Hopefully, it will be a white one this time. It sounds like I don't need to return the other one either.
  7. Yeah, I think that there are a few burghers on this forum actually.
  8. Yeah man. Their description says that avalanche is the white vinyl. It's not the fucking white vinyl. I contacted them and awaiting a response. I live near Pittsburgh but grew up in Western New York. I've been hearing Matthew good since the start as well as many other Canadian bands. Edge 102 was a godsend. Same for me man. I'm pissed about it. I definitely would have waited another month for the white vinyl from Matt's site.
  9. Thanks man. I saw that they came available shortly after I ordered them from the musicvaults website in the original post. All of the records showed up today and they had free shipping to USA. I am also in Pennsylvania!
  10. Has there been any word on these going up in the official store? That's always been the best way to order for those of us stateside.
  11. So with this release does this pretty much make white light the only unreleased album? I wouldn't mind seeing rooms on vinyl either.
  12. I hope that these are available through the official store. Weird he hasn't announced it.
  13. The best was when he still had Priske and added Thor Valdensen (sp?). They were redoing old songs just enough and they were fabulous. I'm pretty sure that they were the Avalanche band. Hello Timebomb with the new ending, Symbolistic White Walls with the new verse. I want to say that Suburbia or Under the Influence also had an extra verse and some cool guitar work. Plus they seemed to add a couple more solos and stuff to his work and just rocked. I wish they reworked some of the older songs more often. That version of SWW's to me is almost definitive. It was so good. Another tidbit is that I seem to remember people talking about a rock n roll version of Running For Home that they did during a sound check or two but never got brought out on any shows. I would have loved to have heard that too.
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