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  1. It was different. It used to be his picture. It changed shortly after all this started.
  2. His response: I do find it interesting his first statement is about being dropped from the label and not about the victims. He also only mentioned one victim and not the others who have come forward. And again he uses his mental health as a crutch.
  3. We all know the way things work and the way they have worked for a long time is the court of public opinion has a say too. This isn't media skewing it because up until an hour ago, the media wasn't involved. This was information straight from victims. And it's not he said she said. It's around a dozen different "she saids" with no word from the man himself. It's pretty damning and some people have seen enough to jump to their own conclusions and make up their minds. We don't need a court to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in this case. Maybe you do....but several don't. This is th
  4. Nailed it. All this talk of cancel culture and whatnot or trying to parse out what EXACTLY Matt did that was illegal is just noise. Some people are quick to make excuses, some are quick to write him off forever and then there are people ready to attack someone who doesn't feel the same way. I imagine most of us are probably just sitting here saying, "well, this sucks." A few things from my point of view: 1) I feel terrible for any woman (or person) that has suffered at the hands of predatory behavior such as what has been alleged. I support them and will ALWAYS lis
  5. Having allegedly a dozen women (some of them are in the instagram comments) coming out against him is pretty damning. I feel bad for all of those women. That email she posted from Matt was also pretty disgusting; like who he is and what he produces excuses that type of behavior? Or he is implying that you can't have his music without all the bad shit? Sorry Matt, Beautiful Midnight was good but it wasn't THAT good and was also 20+ years ago.
  6. Subreddit is completely down now with the instagram links posted.
  7. It just has a message that says something like "victims should be heard". I haven't seen anything in the news about Matt being accused of anything or something like that. Does anyone know what is going on?
  8. I'm glad others look to be enjoying the album. I kind of even forgot about it but it popped up in my spotify today. I'm about halfway through it now and I've been bored to tears since it started. I guess this album is just not for me. I love me some rock n roll and this just isn't it. No worries though. I'll bet it'll still be great live if I'm able to catch a show this time around.
  9. Is WLRRR ever going to come out on vinyl?
  10. I got my replacement Avalanche vinyl today. As everyone guessed, it is still the black vinyl. I don't know how musicvaultz plans on resolving the issue but I now have two Avalanche black vinyl records.
  11. It's possible. I'll keep on bugging them for a white one though until the refund me.
  12. My reshipment should be here Monday. Hopefully it's a white one. Or I'll have two black vinyls.
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