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  1. You need to rename the file. It's too long to play in QT. It worked fine after I renamed it. Thanks, Dan Anton is uploading the vids into the NF store also. thanks, works now!
  2. As promised - http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2LXFHS5...7H1AHBB9DF9NYJG 484 MB's good for 7 days or 25 uploads. I'm not uploading again, so whoever downloads this, have the courtesy to re-upload again later when this link is done. PattieC, Vance & Badseed - Don't download this, I'm emailing you a different link. I think people should send me some NF$ ;) Anyways, I also mentioned my fat hippie chick complaint: So we're enjoying the show from the third row centre, my friend was short, so we worked around the crowd to get a good view. This couple even switched places so he (tall) would be out of our way. So we're listening to Matt finish Avalanche and this fat blonde hippe chick with piercings and an ugly pink striped top, does this kamikaze jump through the crowd to get closer and ends up between me, my girlfriend and our friend. She has the nerve to sit there with her hair in my girlfriends face while we complain loudly about her. Not taking the hint, I tap her on the shoulder and tell her to move over (which thankfully she does). But then she has the nerve to start bitching to me. So I say to her, look I didn't wait in line for 2 hours so some fat chick can bud in front of us and wreck our view. Then she says haven't you been to a concert before. and I say yeah, but I haven't had to deal with some stupid fat bitch like you who thinks they can throw her weight around. So we keep bickering until Blue Skies starts and she shut her mouth after that. Then when the concert ends, she says faggot as she pushes past me. Great comeback considering I'm holding my girlfriend in front of me the whole concert and she saw us kissing many times. Honestly, if everyone in the world did what she did, there would be a riot at every concert. Sorry if I offended anyone, it is not my intention. I only want to offend the FHC. Thanks, Dan For some reason I can't open The Giant/alert track but everything else works fine. any ideas?
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