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  1. I found Dave Foley... Screw Matt.
  2. Me too. Man growing up with SNL was gloriously wonderful.
  3. I still want to see Apt. Pupil, I read the Novella, which I found to be really good, I couldn't put it down.
  4. The only thing I liked about the film was the dance scene, other than that, it left me cold.
  5. I say Ron will die. Then again I also think Lupin will die..and then I will cry.
  6. You can't forget Law and Order, don't they have yet another one coming out as well?
  7. They're recording for Album 5 the .com has pics and minor info.
  8. Oh yeah, the security was getting really angry, I was next to a guard all night, he kept yelling at the people who had them. Every time he took one, another one appeared. It was quite amusing until one hit me in the head. I loved his pussy comment. I got 34324324+ bites that night.
  9. Christopher Walken is my hero.
  10. I play Rammstein every radio show I have. I love Kokain, Buch Dich, and Ich Will. :angry:;)
  11. "everything was fine until I turned 12 and that no talent ass clown came around" I love Michael Bolton. I just think he is so awesome and hot.
  12. three dog night are so awesome...and so is that breakfast club theme.... i'm very fond of tehe safety dance[men without hats] and if you leave [omd]
  13. i love them. They're in my top 5 fave bands list.
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