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  1. Yeah, that was for AOB. He spent the better part of a weekend on the primary fan message board under the handle "JF Sebastian" after he had the surgery. I distinctly recall being called "fucknut"-- and deserving it.
  2. I'd put together a pack of these for the folks on r/matthewgood a little while back. If we could get a definitive list together (demos, b-sides, etc.) I'd be happy to put together a master .zip with everything formatted correctly (art, ID3 tags, etc.).
  3. Thanks so, so much, Chad. The evolutionary illustration was the only thing I couldn't find (plus all that copy). I really appreciate it. Edit: Apparently Chad's got scans of the vinyl elements up on his site, so we're good! Again, thank you for the offer. It means a lot. Oh, and in case anybody wanted some giant, poster-sized scans of the original art... (Sorry, attachment size limits.) I've got more, but I think I've hit my upload limit.
  4. Something I stumbled on a few years back. Video aside, these guys did a solid job.
  5. Hey folks, I'm looking for a pretty obscure piece of MGB memorabilia-- or at least a scan of it. Back in the fall of 2001 there was an issue of Chart that included a tear-out Audio of Being calendar, probably branded with the TrustUs logo. It most prominently featured the Lionel Drew illustrations from the record, but there were a few extra pieces that were only included on the calendar, as well as a graphic predicting future events. The reason for all this is I'm making a t-shirt for the AOB tour that never happened as a gift for a friend. I've got really high-res scans of all the album
  6. Hi James, You can find the bulk of my work at ScottRodgerson.com, and more recent work on Instagram at @scottrodgerson and @therodgersoncorporation -- the API for my site's screwy right now, so it's a few months out of date.
  7. Well, shit. I didn't realize it wasn't St. Catherine's proper. You're absolutely correct, it's Arizona's in Thorold.
  8. If I'm remembering right, the video was about the things a person can do for a living (not necessarily violently torturing employees, but say, being an executive at an arms company) while still functioning as kind and decent everywhere else in their life. MG was given to highlighting the grimly absurd back then (see: any Manifesto), and the song itself is about the absurdity of celebrity, so the dichotomy sorta tracks.
  9. That's it. Can't tell you how cool it was to see that shot on a giant video screen in my town.
  10. Additional unsolicited fun fact: As a gift for my best friend, a few years back I created a proper physical version of the Bontempo record (art, packaging, the works) and got Matt to sign it. Then I gave him an off-colour, error-riddled recap of Empire Strikes Back.
  11. If anybody recalls the posters for the 2008 tour, they might enjoy this. Back in '05 I shot a few gigs, and this shot from a St. Catherine's show ended up being used later on. I was still shooting on film back then, god help me. Actually, funny story--I was 20 at the time, and knowing that I was gonna shoot the gig, I ended up going to another band's show in Hamilton since Pat Steward was drumming with them (Stripper's Union, with some dudes from the Odds and the Hip). I was trying to get a sense of what I was in for, and it was no small comfort to hear that it wasn't just me who got ultr
  12. Oh, he's seen 'em. Not really a gig I want, though.
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