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  1. It's all just adolescent nonsense from kids with nothing better to do. 2000 was a weird year.
  2. Yeah, I remember him using the JF Sebastian handle. Ryan McNutt did a writeup some years ago that touched on that era a little. He said something to the effect of "we were all sharing this kind of insanity. We don't talk to each other anymore, now that we're sane." That feels about right.
  3. Seeing the show on Saturday brought back the Massage Board days, some. Strange, strange times-- I mean, the politics of it? The MGB LF board? Monkeys Wars? It's weird to think any of that stuff even happened.
  4. God I missed seeing him do stuff like this. Nobody pulls subversive shit like that anymore. Oooh. I gots me a warning point. Forgot about that. Can I pray the sin away, or what? How does that work?
  5. Album art, found on Bones Hillman's site.
  6. "Same with Rodgerson". Hey hey. No need for name calling.
  7. I really, really don't want to have to subject folks to 48 inane followup posts from me in order to get copies of these demos. I don't. That would be wrong. And I won't. [hide_me]But if you felt like sending a rapidshare link to scottrodgerson@hotmail.com, I'd be grateful.[/hide_me]
  8. I'm shooting some shows again. That'll be fun.
  9. Okay, I'm finding it incredibly hard to get my paws on any of these demos. Is there a torrent available for the new demos?
  10. Isn't anyone going to speculate wildly as to what the second new studio track is? I know what it is, I'm just curious to hear what you've got to say.
  11. Heh. I can see myself taking photos at the bottom in the start of the song...
  12. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts - Omissions of the Omen Raygun - Alabama Motel Room Underdogs - The Inescapable Us Lo-Fi B-Sides - Born to Kill Beautiful Midnight - The Future Is X-Rated Loser Anthems - Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance The Audio of Being - The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production Avalanche - Near Fantastica White Light Rock and Roll Review - Blue Skies Over Badlands
  13. That I do! I still hear from Cook now and then. I honestly don't know what he's up to these days. Guy Smiley (Ryan McNutt) might. --Scott
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