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    So anyone from Oklahoma or the surrounding states that has been fortunate enought to hear of matt good wanna car pool with me to Canada for the next tour?
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    ...Good question...
  1. I dont think this show is sold out yet... but I have three Buffalo show tickets. Im really broke right now and cant get myself up to Buffalo as planned so is there anyone that would be interested in taking them off my hands? ~Cynthia
  2. ohhhh a minnesota show would kick ass.. I would be there FOR SURE.
  3. I just bought "the future is X rated slow version" and now I cant find it.. I didnt "Save" it when the box came up I only hit "open" which was stupid i know.. I just wasnt thinking.. anyone know how i might find where my file is? and sorry for posting it here.. you can move it if you have to.. or even just answer my question in a private then delete it. i just wanted to get someones attention.
  4. You can only get them at the Canad Inns next to Cowboys. Holy shit, though. I just found out he was coming this morning at 1am when I just happened to be skimming through the Free Press. I have to find a way down there so I can tickets before they sell out. Cowboys is a great concert venue. Very intimate. I saw Sloan there and it absolutely rocked!! I'd even go if the concert was on the day of my own wedding... ;) perhaps you wouldnt be traveling as far as me..haha.
  5. im so sad the winnipeg show is in the middle of the week.. ;) and that the ny show is in buffalo. oh well.. oh day ill get to see matt!
  6. oh its beautiful.. I love this song on the album.. and now acoustic when he bursts into "where has my head gone" owww. *melts.* I think I could cry. haha. yes Im that lame.
  7. i hate you.. okay i dont hate you but im insanely jealous.
  8. i want to work with kids and teens and what I see happening to them is really horrible. I mean maybe no one thinks its bad that they are like this.. but it seems that adult things are becoming more and more accessable to Children.. and it seems like no one gives a shit or does much to stop it.. but what can you do. maybe Im reading too much into it? at least im not calling him fat. haha. I agree, it is sad, but being the coldhearted person that I am, I only see less competition in the future for jobs and essentail resources. good point.. plus it gives me a job in the future.. so give th
  9. no I loves the peoples.. Im a psychology major. I just dont like dip shits. ;)
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