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  1. is it too late to ask for a pm? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
  2. rmak

    Bad Pennies

    im going to be the ten millionth person to request a PM PLZ! for that i should get a reward... like maybe a PM ;) as for the whole discussion about the quality of his demo material.... the boy who could explode surpasses a lot of his other work imo.
  3. im pretty sure it just means inner conflict, chicago against chicago. nothing more than that.
  4. i laughed when i heard the battery line. i remember when he was talkin bout mortality, someone shouted "You're gettin kind of heavy Matt." I was tempted to yell that same line sarcastically when he was talkin bout coffee.
  5. rmak

    Old Demos

    waiting for the great destruction/ end song
  6. awesome flick. i saw some soap commercial that ripped off the cartoon shading gimmick. i guess thats the new thing to copy like bullet time fromt the matrix.
  7. id buy it, its fairly decent.
  8. roflmao. a vacuum? no way jose.
  9. lady in the water made me wanna put my head in water. HA! ill still watch this one though. onyl cuz i get to see movies for free, working at amc.
  10. rmak


    it wasnt as big as i thought it would be but i loved it.
  11. illusionist was a yawnfest.
  12. rmak


    the scene when someone is taking aim to shoot him and he moves out of the way looked so horribly forced.
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