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  1. is it too late to ask for a pm? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
  2. rmak

    Bad Pennies

    im going to be the ten millionth person to request a PM PLZ! for that i should get a reward... like maybe a PM ;) as for the whole discussion about the quality of his demo material.... the boy who could explode surpasses a lot of his other work imo.
  3. im pretty sure it just means inner conflict, chicago against chicago. nothing more than that.
  4. rmak

    Hamilton Show...

    i laughed when i heard the battery line. i remember when he was talkin bout mortality, someone shouted "You're gettin kind of heavy Matt." I was tempted to yell that same line sarcastically when he was talkin bout coffee.
  5. rmak

    Old Demos

    waiting for the great destruction/ end song
  6. awesome flick. i saw some soap commercial that ripped off the cartoon shading gimmick. i guess thats the new thing to copy like bullet time fromt the matrix.
  7. id buy it, its fairly decent.
  8. roflmao. a vacuum? no way jose.
  9. lady in the water made me wanna put my head in water. HA! ill still watch this one though. onyl cuz i get to see movies for free, working at amc.
  10. rmak


    it wasnt as big as i thought it would be but i loved it.
  11. illusionist was a yawnfest.
  12. rmak


    the scene when someone is taking aim to shoot him and he moves out of the way looked so horribly forced.
  13. braveheart. (note the period)
  14. spidey 3. fun to watch but overall cheese.
  15. the sandman story was awful. a random particle generator in the middle of a field? with scientists who arent even watching their experiment? "it must be a bird." no, a walmart sureillance system would clearly show its a MAN! they screwed up the whole ben parker story by showing how it really happened w/ sandman as the actual killer. garbage.
  16. not matt good, that would be wierd for me. id say something like sexy - BEP. just cuz she likes it.
  17. hes been on tv a lot lately.
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