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  1. Official links (while they last): Back of the Tiger Victory Is Free Daylight Actual Triage
  2. That's not how this works, dude. You don't have the authority to be judge and jury, draw a conclusion, and claim that you're right and we all just have to accept it. As has been pointed out over and over again, every person here will make their own judgement. Their judgement is no more or less valid than yours.
  3. Maybe MG knew she wanted to be famous, and used that as a lure to get with her in the first place. Maybe the music project was a way to tie her to him and keep her in the relationship - make it emotionally harder for her to leave. It's not fair to speculate motives. And showing off one's tits in public doesn't automatically make someone an opportunistic liar. Also: we only "knew" that Jen was "an opportunistic character" because MG told us so. Everything she ever did, we learned about from him.
  4. I'm not really sure what "evidence" people would keep in situations like this. A lot of people only keep the texts that are on their current phone. Was he sending them dick pics? What if all of the conversations happened over the phone or in person? In the case of your co-worker - did you need to provide evidence that he was a douchebag, or did your boss take your word for it? And, again, we don't need to be litigating this and coming to a unanimous conclusion. It really comes down to each person here making the decision for themselves. If you think he didn't do anythin
  5. I've never been in a situation like this, and I can't speak to her motives, but I can say with experience elsewhere: There's nothing worse than feeling like someone has done something terrible to you and watching them try to get through it without acknowledging any wrongdoing. The further it goes, the more the anger escalates. (Even worse is when the people around them - usually friends - insist that the terrible thing couldn't have happened because "they're not like that", and you end up looking like a lunatic for being upset.) Some people do strive for the major conse
  6. We have a reasonably good idea as to when he was dropped. MG played the Unison benefit on December 17th. Bernie Breen is the chair of the board of Unision. If I'm not mistaken, one of the videos that ran during the benefit was a Unison promo that used an MG song as the music bed. Article from October about Breen's role with Unison, specifically mentioning his managing MG: https://www.fyimusicnews.ca/articles/2020/10/05/bernie-breen-mission-new-chair-unison At worst, MG was dropped sometime since October. At worst. Otherwise, it happened sometime in the
  7. If it's any consolation, I would be genuinely surprised if he was completely removed from streaming. Ryan Adams' catalog is still streaming, Morgan Wallen's catalog is still streaming - there's a long list of musicians who've gone through similar situations (or worse) who've been dropped by their labels and whose music is still available. I don't think anyone has yet figured what that process would look like to do that. And I think it's possible that MG might control the last few albums as far as streaming goes, anyway.
  8. Wow, and it's not just that one post. He's letting people have it in his feed. What's notable here: Jeremy has worked with MG, and they were friends for a long time. MG had him play a drum solo at his show with Jay Baruchel at Massey Hall in 2014. I noticed another familiar name in that Twitter discussion. I won't name him specifically, but the guy who built and ran MG's website for several years during the late 00s is echoing what Jeremy is saying. (I met him at one of the informal bus meet-and-greets after a show that year - he was helping to manage the line.)
  9. Fair point - somebody else brought it up, and I blanked on how it ended. I was wrong. (The assertion made elsewhere was he was fired after the trial, which wasn't true - he was fired after CBC believed the allegations to be credible, and the allegations included office behavior that he wasn't tried for. He filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, but eventually withdrew it and paid CBC's legal fees.) I'm removing that whole section from my post - the rest of it was the important part.
  10. This is ridiculous, though I understand why people feel this way. It absolutely 100% does not matter what any of us think in this matter, unless people really do think that he should tried in public. Warners and Bernie Breen found the allegations to be credible, and acted on their own. That's it. There wasn't public pressure for them to do anything. Important fact: Bernie Breen has been MG's management since at least 2005. Does anyone here seriously think that a 16+ year relationship would be thrown away with a terse, two-sentence statement if they didn't think t
  11. Companies don't have to work with people they don't want to work with, unless a contract says they have to. Personal opinion: his management dropping him is actually the big story here, and a big tell about the veracity of the accusations.
  12. I'd thought that same thing. That's why I was a little surprised (and impressed) that they made this announcement - they easily could have just attributed to some factor like lukewarm sales and wish him the best. Apparently, Global was locked and loaded. https://globalnews.ca/news/7622398/matthew-good-abuse-accusations-hayley-mather/ Key detail in that story - he's been dropped by his management (Bernie Breen), too.
  13. Still everywhere on digital. It's really going to come down to the nature of the drop and the structure of the contract. Typically, a drop is just a drop - no further releases, but the existing ones remain. They might stop pressing physical versions - but, honestly, I think it would have been unlikely for them to press any more copies of the Warner albums, even if this hadn't happened. It's unclear to me who actually controls the music. His digital releases for those albums usually credit "M. Good Productions", and only occasionally mention "Warner Music Can
  14. I give them full credit for going on record like this - I half-expected them to drop him quietly to avoid potential blowback. Btw - this also gives the media some cover to report the story.
  15. But saying "he's done good stuff, too" isn't "all sides of an issue". If you're going to use Bundy, I'll use this example: Organized cartels often do a lot of humanitarian work in their communities. Hamas and Hezbollah often clothe and feed their populations - build schools, etc. They'll put that goodwill to tactical use - such as basing their military operations / weapons caches in the basement of apartment buildings where innocent civilians live. When the Israelis attack those locations, innocent civilians die. The good acts don't absolve the fact that they're intenti
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