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  1. I can't imagine that there's a single MG release actually worth $900, much less $1500. I own that release - if I thought it was worth that kind of money, I'd stop playing it (and probably sell it). That particular release (it's "White", but it's got a little bit of a gray streak) is rare because it was made for the VIP packages on the Arrows tour, so there aren't that many of them. Nearly all of them are signed because it was part of the VIP package for the Arrows tour. (Mine's unsigned because I got it as a "thank you" for a charity donation. It was a completely unexpected surprise - my donation wasn't large amount of money.) I don't know why it'd be notably valuable - I like that album, but it's not highly sought after. Isn't Mikey Mackinon a user here? I saw this on Discogs - he posted a bunch of nonsense in the last couple of days about how stuff went for huge money on eBay "during the album release". Those numbers are absurd - he's lying his ass off. (And most of that information would be out of date and irrelevant to its current value.) https://www.discogs.com/user/mikeymackinon He's claiming $450 for the standard edition of Arrows on vinyl, but you can buy it for $25.99 on MG's website, for fuck's sake. $300 for Massey Hall on CD? WTF.
  2. Part 2 came out today. Btw - this is archival - recorded and originally released on 102.1 The Edge in 2009 (11/15/09 and 11/22/09). Worth a listen regardless.
  3. I assuming it's this one, from an old t-shirt: http://web.archive.org/web/20160406103416/http://matthewgood.store-08.com:80/chaotic-neutral/mg010024-matthew-good-men-s-boy-and-wolf-t-shirt-black/ Welp, the post editor is broken. Corrected link to original: http://web.archive.org/web/20160406103416/matthewgood.store-08.com/chaotic-neutral/mg010024-matthew-good-men-s-boy-and-wolf-t-shirt-black/
  4. It looks like the GA tickets sold out, and all that's left are Reserved balcony seats. The GA tickets were probably the $46 ones.
  5. February 28, 2019 - Rose Theatre, Brampton, ON http://www.brampton.ca/sites/Rose-Theatre/en/Events-And-Tickets/Pages/ShowDetails.aspx?ShowID=1431&ShowDate=02/28/2019 March 3, 2019 - Capitol Centre, North Bay, ON http://www.capitolcentre.org/events/matthew-good
  6. As sad as I am about this, I was also upset when I went back to re-read my interactions with her on here - and discovered that all of her posts were gone. This is the last time I'll make a big deal about this, but people, including any admins, should not have the power to wipe out entire post histories, with the exception of troll and spam accounts. And this is precisely why - they're the record of our interactions - they're our memories. We already lose so much that we know and remember about people when they're no longer with us. (PS: I'm assuming the deletions must have happened some time ago.)
  7. There are two FirstOntario Arts Centres - you might have looked at the website for the one in Saint Catharines. Tickets: https://secure1.tixhub.com/milton/online/b_otix.asp?cboPerformances=1194&cboEvent=768&perfcount=1
  8. Oh, you were totally fine. I actually prefer that kind of discussion - I'd rather someone be vocal about how they feel and make me rethink my opinion. I did social media for a major label band (who most of you would know) for a number of years, and, if my client had done this, I would have removed the links from the website myself once I knew that they were dead. The last thing I want from a PR standpoint is for people to follow those dead urls, especially if it were possible that someone else could scoop up the usernames on those accounts. Not to say that it wasn't endorsed or approved in this case - but it wouldn't have to be. That's actually what was good about our discussion. I'll freely admit that my initial reaction was: "Ugh, not this shit again." The NF deletion hit close to home as someone who spent years running message boards, and I'm (obviously) still a bit fired up about it. So it's good to have the pushback from those who see it differently. I'll say this: I'm definitely concerned for him, not knowing what's going on. But, to me, that's also part of the problem. A simple note from his team ("Matt's decided to take a break from his social media accounts to give himself time to recover from the recent tour with OLP and to get himself ready for the upcoming summer tour dates, but he wants everyone to know that he's fine.") would have knocked most of this discussion down. Instead, everyone's hand-wringing for the not-knowing.
  9. I said basically what I said before about his reactions to trolls - that his tendency to scorch the earth (as has happened repeatedly over the last 15 years) isn't a reasonable response. Trolls will exist anywhere he goes - wiping accounts won't solve the problem. I noted that it's often felt like narcissism - that he loves the interaction when people validate his personal shares, but then he burns the house down when it upsets him (ie, when someone gets too personal and crosses a line). Someone correctly noted that that was an unfair analysis - that, since we don't know exactly what happened, there could have been a protectionary reason for it happening. It was also noted that a scorched-earth move could be more of a bipolar/manic reaction to distress than narcissism, which would be more understandable (if, for me, not any more acceptable) in Matt's case. The others were more openly forgiving of this happening than I was (which is fair). With me, I feel for everything he's been going through in the last year, but this kind of thing has never helped him. It's far better to dial your interaction back and call the authorities in if someone gets out of line. But keep the lines of communication intact. People care about him - this just makes it feel like he doesn't care about them in return, even if he seemingly does. There are a lot of people who have used his writings on bipolar disorder to help them through their own struggles. And, right or wrong, he took all of that away from them. For someone who frequently leads on mental health, it's a terrible thing for him to do - even if there were acceptable reasons for doing it. And, for me, it's not really about his leaving social media. It's the wholesale destruction. For example, I didn't mind him bailing from NF in November. What I had a problem with was his abusing his Admin privileges to wipe out 10 years of posts. Some people have defended his doing that, saying that he was giving us those posts - but he didn't owe us anything, and had a right to remove them. But, to me, it's like giving someone something then destroying it in front of them. It says that you didn't value those interactions. But, again, we don't really know what happened, and this might have been more of a short-term fix for a bigger problem. (Disclaimer - this is a much more nuanced version than what happened on FB.)
  10. I just tried to dig myself out of a hole in a thread on the MG fan Facebook page, so I'll avoid some of that discussion, but I'll note this: That he deleted the FB page concerns me the most. That one wasn't used for "personal" stuff like the Twitter or IG - that one handled promotions. His management can't be very happy about all of this right now. And, not that I want details - but was it more personal attacks over stuff that probably shouldn't be talked about in public? I think the biggest damage caused by him doing this is the not knowing why - we end up with fans squabbling over whether it was okay for him to do it or not.
  11. I doubt the white ones even exist yet.
  12. Seeing some of the responses here: I'm assuming Avalanche was supposed to be white all along. I think the "error" that the official store was referring to was that they were pressed on black instead of white. Musicvaultz likely never looked at the albums themselves before shipping them out, and just assumed they were correct. (If so, depending on who screwed that up, the whites would either be a limited run to cover the initial orders, or a repress by the factory to replace the black ones.)
  13. Keep in mind - the full recording of the 2007 show isn't Duncan's. It's an audience recording. (If I'm not mistaken, there are two audience recordings of that show.) Three tracks from Duncan's recording surfaced, all on the iTunes Canada release of Vancouver (one of the three was a pre-order-only bonus).
  14. The real problem is that there really isn't any money to be made off of their archive. MTV (US) digitized most of their extensive archive in the early 2000s, but the website they built to host those videos was eventually shut down. There just wasn't enough revenue to justify it's existence and maintenance - especially after bands and labels started signing streaming-exclusivity deals for regular music videos with Vevo. People were going to YouTube/Vevo for videos - even MTV eventually shifted to putting stuff on YouTube themselves. I would hope that Bell wouldn't simply throw it in the garbage. If anything, they could easily donate it to Library and Archives Canada - I'd like to think there would be enough heritage content to warrant its preservation. If LAC didn't want it, I'd hope that some kind of non-profit could establish itself to cover the digitization and preservation of video content (if something like that doesn't already exist). It's likely that whoever got the videos (be it LAC or someone else) would not be able to distribute it at all. But at least it'd be available somewhere. One of the problems that MTV ran into in their process was the rights issues for what they had. For example, in the 90s, bands used to perform multiple songs live for eventual air on MTV's alternative program 120 Minutes, but not all of their performances were aired. And the releases arranged between MTV and the bands/labels didn't cover online streaming (which was in its infancy), and sometimes limited broadcast to a single airing. When MTV digitized their archive and started streaming everything a few years ago - some performances quickly disappeared, including a handful of unaired performances that MTV apparently didn't have / couldn't get permission to stream.
  15. If I were in this position, I would be fine with open discussion, if only because it would tell me what the fans were thinking. If it's worth me stepping in and saying something, I could do that. I'd rather that stuff be in the open then festering behind the scenes where I wouldn't know about it. I gently disagree about him being in the room. He was here occasionally, but not as a regular participant. I don't think discussing it here would be any different from discussing it on Instragram or anywhere else that he'd be able to see it. And, to be fair, he opened the door - he talked about some of his personal life stuff himself. I hate saying it that way, because his honesty is maybe the attribute I most respect him for. But that's the problem with being that open - some humans have this annoying tendency of condemning people (especially strangers) if they feel they've acted inappropriately, even if they don't know what actually happened. If you're uncomfortable with people talking about your personal life, that stuff has to stay off-limits. I agree that the PMs are out of bounds. But the reality: humans are shitheads. Just ignore them, delete them and move on. If it's so bad that you don't want to come around anymore, so be it. But in the 15 years I've been a fan, my biggest frustration with MG's psyche is how destructive he can be when he gets upset. I think the long-timers here will remember how often he used to delete his blog wholesale. For those who hadn't noticed: every post he's ever made here is gone. 10 years or so. To me: if you're that upset, log off and walk away. Change your account email to something bullshit, change your password to random characters. (I've done this, btw.) But don't shred the entire thing. There's a lot of historical insight that's now gone, all because some random morons were assholes. And just so I'm not entirely off-topic - I've been debating it hard, but I'm probably skipping this tour. I saw OLP in '95 and '97, but kinda bailed after Happiness. (Man, Raine was such a weirdo at that '95 show.) I don't necessarily want to commit to that much travel for that, especially since I'm still kinda hazy on how long MG's set will be.
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