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  1. Thanks for the info. So it sounds like he'll play more than a few new songs at the acoustic shows and not necessarily old stuff with a couple new ones mixed in. That's cool. I like the lyric about the lake. 15 songs is a lot for him. I wonder if any are short interludes. Also personal note, I'm happy the album is coming out my mom's birthday. The music of Matt Good helped me deal with her passing back in '03.
  2. Definitely gonna go to the NYC show. I've been to that venue before. Pretty small stage. Dunno if I'll go for VIP but I'll definitely be there and hopefully right up front. I wonder how many of the new songs will translate to acoustic.
  3. I haven't heard a thing. Just MG's tweets about soccer.
  4. Not sure which one that was, but I was disappointed when he scrapped the 20 minute version of Something Like A Storm. I thought that was one of the best concepts he's had in a long time and I'm not sure why he decided not to run with it. Maybe logistically it would have just been too much of a hassle to rehearse and play live. But that demo still rocks.
  5. Has he said anywhere that this was looking like a fall release? Or is that too early?
  6. Thanks I missed the original thread. I honestly can't believe I watched Native Son and She's Got A New Disguise played live. Pretty amazing. Those are really awesome clips. Thanks for going to the trouble to digitize them. Is Matt aware they're available? I know he hates looking back at some of the old material so he probably would cringe.
  7. uhh wait, where did people hear this?
  8. I'm seeing Sharon Van Etten next Saturday (February 9th) but that's my last concert for a while. In the fall I saw a few shows, including The Paper Kites (Australian indie band), Young the Giant w/ Lights, FM-84 (electronic retro 80s), and the Goo Goo Dolls. My wife and I are having a baby in April so that's why I don't have anything else on the horizon (I had tickets to this indie band from Wisconsin called Dead Horses but can't go because that's the night of our first birthing class). I do hope that whenever Ryan Adams plays NYC this year I can get out for the night. He's releasing three albums this year!
  9. I downloaded the new album but never listened to it I should probably listen this week on my commute. Some fan I am.
  10. I would have loved to come up to Canada to catch one of these shows, but my wife and I have our first baby coming in April so that kind of thing might not be possible for a while. Really glad I came up to Toronto for the Beautiful Midnight Tour when I had the chance in 2017. Seeing Fearless on a setlist is bittersweet because I'm bummed I'm missing that but really happy he brought it back. If anyone finds a video of it I'd love to hear his rearrangement of it. I searched Youtube yesterday but didn't find anything. The songs I've seen on the first few setlists tell me that this is gonna be a great tour for longtime fans. I love when artists bring material out of the vault. Also just want to mention, I feel like I haven't listened to Matt Good much at all for like a year or more. I've been discovering a lot of other new music for a couple years. But the past week I've been listening to Matt again and it's just like hanging out with an old friend. I love the way music can have that effect on you.
  11. Never cared for Tidal Wave, but this demo was very cool. Glad he's going back to acoustic. Been a while since we've had an acoustic-based record. Probably since Lights (and that's pushing it given all the other instrumentation and Non Populus).
  12. It's been a good summer. I saw Radiohead on July 11th, Smashing Pumpkins on August 1st, and Regina Spektor on August 7th. Upcoming I have: FM-84 - October 11th - https://youtu.be/rSGnNMnvM6M (Vintage 1980s electronic/synth. Think 1980s Tycho with some kickass vocals) Goo Goo Dolls - October 15th ("Dizzy Up The Girl" Album Tour) Young the Giant - November 13th The Paper Kites - November 30th - https://youtu.be/gkQFP1rG7wg | https://youtu.be/7Fi4T-yR8tM | (A mellow Australian indie band) Sister Sparrow - December 1st (Maybe, I haven't actually bought a ticket for this yet) - https://youtu.be/AEGjh216pUs (Great vocals, great horn section, great guitars)
  13. The August 1st show at Madison Square Garden was one of the best shows I've ever seen. I am bias because I am a big Pumpkins fan, but it really was awesome. They sounded incredible, Billy's vocals were great, the lights and video stuff were awesome, and the setlist was just amazing. For Martha and To Sheila back to back!. It was so cool to see James on stage, and he played Blew Away! 3 hours of pure bliss. I couldn't have asked for more. And Jimmy Chamberlain is, for me, one of the best goddamn drummers that ever lived. Mellon Collie is probably the best era. But I really like Adore. Very underrated.
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