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  1. Arrows is probably my favorite MG album of that decade. I really like the cohesiveness of it. Just all seems to fit together. Close second is Lights because every time I listen to it it transports me back to a very special time in my life (the first year I dated my eventual wife). Wish I would have gotten Arrows on vinyl.
  2. Cool! I like it. I love atmospheric stuff like this.
  3. Bummer but everyone's taking a hit right now. When major sports leagues start suspending play everything else has to fall in line. You don't want to be singled out as the one venue that stayed open and became a breeding ground. Matt and his team obviously are doing the right thing. I would imagine this fall is gonna be a very busy time for many people since that's when they're going to try to reschedule a lot of stuff.
  4. Thank you for the new album, Matt! Congrats on the release. And thanks for the insights. The point about the value placed on the Da Vinci painting vs. the works of Mozart was really interesting. Had never thought of it that way. I've connected with all kinds of music throughout my life, and in turn I have personally placed way more value on music. That is to say I've spent way more money on music than visual art, but more importantly I've felt deeper emotional connections with music than any other creative work. The thought actually crossed my mind recently that you might consider re
  5. Yeah I figure with more people moving toward streaming that companies will just get tired of the added cost of providing MP3 files with vinyls and just get rid of that courtesy. I'm still a dinosaur that uses a finely curated iPod though so I still pay for downloads here and there, and I like to support artists especially on Bandcamp. For now I paid for digital Moving Walls and will maybe eventually get the vinyl. But I'm moving into a new apt in a few weeks so gotta conserve funds.
  6. I dunno, upon second listen I think people are being a little harsh. I guess my only criticism would be I'd like to hear more range in his vocals throughout the album. But like I said even if all the songs sound similar, to me this is more of a successful album concept than Chaotic Neutral (and there are plenty of great songs on that album including one of his best ever Cold Water). I've always felt like Chaotic Neutral and Something Like A Storm are just kind of a hodgepodge of songs thrown together (I think I'm still salty that the awesome 20 minute demo was scrapped and replaced with someth
  7. That sucks. Thanks for sharing the info.
  8. Did the vinyl come with a digital download either upon purchase or with a link on a card in the packaging?
  9. Very different from the past handful of albums. He hasn't used this much acoustic since Hospital Music so it's nice to hear it again. I feel like this album has more of a cohesive sound and theme than the past few albums too. I just haven't figured out what that theme is yet. Upon first listen Boobytrapped is my favorite track, then Thorn Bird, Selling You My Heart, Radicals, The Heights, and Parts. Only song I didn't really care for was Dreading It. About to get on a plane but can't wait to listen again later.
  10. Dunno about the CD. I was wondering the same thing about the vinyl. Would like a digital download with it but it's not specified in the listing in his artist store.
  11. I don't think it's too short. When I watch the video and listen to the song I get this realization that I've been following MG's career for so long and we're both in very different places in our lives all these years later. Matt and his music have aged and matured over the years as have I and I feel like we're all growing older with the music together. This song feels more mature than past stuff......I dunno what I'm really trying to say.
  12. Wow this is a great song. Kinda reminds me of an oldschool MG tune in a way. Love it.
  13. Haven't seen a thing. Kinda weird.
  14. Thanks for the info. So it sounds like he'll play more than a few new songs at the acoustic shows and not necessarily old stuff with a couple new ones mixed in. That's cool. I like the lyric about the lake. 15 songs is a lot for him. I wonder if any are short interludes. Also personal note, I'm happy the album is coming out my mom's birthday. The music of Matt Good helped me deal with her passing back in '03.
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