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  1. The problem is the Internet is a misinformation factory and politics, social media, and some "news" outlets have completely polarized people. Instead of a shared common goal of eradicating the virus by wearing masks and getting vaccinated, for too long both wearing masks and getting vaccinated became a political matter before a public health matter. There's no unity in our society.
  2. In terms of new music being released, you never know. I noticed that Ryan Adams recently released two of the three albums he had originally planned for release back in 2019. They sat on the shelf for just about 2 years after he was blacklisted. I think they were being sold through his website. MG could do something similar. Probably would just need to invest in a better online store where you can download digital albums. Or maybe get on Bandcamp? Clarification: I didn't actually buy the albums that RA just released, btw. I just happened to look into it one day.
  3. Thanks @patrickjnixon. Hollis has definite LOES vibes. I like how layered it sounds. A Corridor of Trees, not my favorite kind of track but I like the instrumentation. Lost And Found Kids, interesting to hear the vocals through like a phaser kind of effect. Liked the slow build to the electric guitar. Kinda wanna hear more ....
  4. I checked out for a while and took a break from the music but I'm at the point where I would like to listen to MG's music again. I apparently missed the new material he shared. Didn't see it on his website when I looked today. I agree there won't be a Moving Walls tour ever. Gotta move on from it at this point.
  5. Scary tweet. I hope for everyone's sake there is a positive resolution to all this. To me the best case would be MG reaches out to whoever he should apologize to and does so genuinely. Also commit to getting some help and being a better person. That would be a positive example to set and allow some good to come from this. Less important: I've listened to a couple of MG's songs in the past couple weeks. Just a couple. I've found myself still appreciating the music and having a connection with it.
  6. I think you can have a lot of personal demons and still be able to comment on some social justice stuff, like in Blue Skies Over Bad Lands. However, She's In It For The Money probably doesn't hold up too good.
  7. hah. Thank you I think we all needed a little levity mixed in here. I can't help but keep thinking about the very vague premonition I had when the Sicily video came out. I kept thinking to myself "when has MG including his girlfriend / significant other in one of his works ever not been regretted later?" Just seemed odd to me at the time, and well...
  8. The statement was probably guided by a lawyer.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Right now it's just kind of cathartic to read the thoughts of others and commiserate to some degree.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. I didn't delve into podcasts about Ryan Adams but I did seek out a message board to see what other people were saying. Most fans were grappling with similar feelings as me. Some didn't take any of it too personally and said they would keep listening. That message board eventually shut down because I guess the owners stopped caring enough to maintain it and they felt people needed to move on. Ryan Adams had announced he was going to release three albums in 2019, which I was really excited about. Then it all went to shit so quickly. I guess it had been going to shit fo
  11. Yep and that's your right and I don't fault you for it. As someone said earlier in the thread, it probably comes down to a personal choice / threshold moving forward. As for RA & MG, yeah that is something huh? I love music. I've loved it my whole life. RA & MG have been so central to my music fandom. That's why right now I'm having a hard time just resolving to never listen to them again. I can't conclude that right now. That's why I'm just...taking a break. I'll see how I feel down the road. If others come to more immediate resolutions to ditch artists like this, I don't
  12. I've been a fan of MG for 20 years now. His music has been a huge part of the soundtrack of my life, much like most of you. I've attended numerous concerts and met him a few times after shows. I even flew from here in the US twice to see him play live. I can't say I'm surprised about all this. Obviously it sucks the most for the people who have been directly personally affected. On a less important level, it also sucks for the loyal fans who have been "betrayed" as someone else in this thread put it. I agree with the idea that MG deserves an opportunity to share his side, but I don
  13. I have the 20 minute Something Like A Storm as an mp3. I have no problem sharing it through the proper channels. It's still one of my favorite tracks Matt has done. Was kinda sad when none of it made it into the album version. Another rarity I haven't seen mentioned in this thread is Bad Pennies. Uploaded without fanfare to Matt's myspace page, sometime between 2004 - 2006....he described it as a joke song and quickly deleted it. I think he said he was just needed to quickly host it somewhere online to send it to someone for a laugh. I still have the mp3 of that too. For a joke son
  14. Arrows is probably my favorite MG album of that decade. I really like the cohesiveness of it. Just all seems to fit together. Close second is Lights because every time I listen to it it transports me back to a very special time in my life (the first year I dated my eventual wife). Wish I would have gotten Arrows on vinyl.
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