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    Listening to music, writing, playing guitar, playing my hand drum, photography, painting, drawing, watching movies, hacking [as in hacky sack, not computers] and soccer. O, and watching hockey [thanks a pantload, Bettman]
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    "Man, I was just having the most amazing dream! I was just born... and I was eight and a half months pre-mature... and the doctors were FREAKING out!"
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    Born to Kill
  1. yes!! thank you! haha. for the life of me, i couldn't think of the name.
  2. He used to be my number one for a very long time. But he's been edged out by Radiohead. (Still my number 2 though.)
  3. Ok, I know it was in Coquitlam, but which one was it again? I can't think of the name of the place... and I need to know ASAP. Thanks.;)
  4. stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again - bob dylan
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