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  1. Sweet. Except they should keep the bird, and put him where the Queen is.
  2. Nobody was shot. I guess my opinion is that you shouldn't play with matches.
  3. Pot is bad for you, but it's better than most things in the average medicine cabinet.
  4. Not while the Bloc is popular in Quebec. Maybe a stronger minority.
  5. Yeah, it's too low. It was changed to prevent teens from being prosecuted for having sex with other teens (even though no such charge had ever been laid... excuse the pun). But then again, should there even be a minimum age of consent? Does the government have the right to legislate such a thing?
  6. Yeah, democracy isn't efficient enough. ;)
  7. You're only describing one form a republic could take, and it wouldn't necessariy work that way. The US system has worked for 220+ years, even when different parties control the Congress and White House.
  8. Matt, why do you link government with Canada's culture? Nobody is going to re-write Canadian history or destroy the past. It's simply taking the last step towards full independence. Canada would probably stay in the Commonwealth, just as India and South Africa have despite being republics, because it does have advantages like you say. It's inevitably going to happen, sooner or later. Canadians, especially immigrants, increasingly feel little or no connection with the Crown. Just look at recent polls from 2002. -In a Leger Marketing poll 56 per cent of Canadians wanted the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the Canadian dollar replaced by people who have influenced Canadian history. -Ipsos-Reid/Globe and Mail/CTV poll results in February determine that nearly half of Canadians (48%) would prefer a republican system of government with an elected head of state and two-thirds (65%) believe the royals are merely celebrities and should not have any formal role in Canada. -In a May Ekos public opinion poll commissioned by CBC/SRC, Toronto Star and LaPress, 48% agree with the statement, "Instead of a British monarch we should have a Canadian citizen as our head of state." Those results would be unthinkable a generation before. Our kids will probably be the ones to do it.
  9. http://s12.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=037E9XA...PO3QPR1PTJ4A9GZ Help me out
  10. Clearly, I don't think democracy is antiquated. You can see that (I hope). My point is that monarchs are antithetical to democracy. The Canadian parliamentary system isn't entirely flawed. Just the part where our Head of State is (one more time, with feeling) an un-elected, non-Canadian citizen, who comes to Canada only once in 5 years, and who is above the laws of Canada. I don't care if the Queen has no real power. It's the principle. Our 138 year quest for independence is not quite complete as long as the executive lives in London.
  11. I was Dead on. Don't call our system antiquated. Its present in many countries in the world, and envied in many countries, despite its shortcomings. Sorry, but the entire concept of Kings and Queens, no matter how powerless they may be, is antiquated. A head of state should be elected of the people, by the people. Elizabeth II is neither.
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