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  1. I'm still not 100% for sure I'll be going yet, but If I do, I be game for a meet up with you(all) if there is still interest!
  2. Crusader, Any chance that you took a rip or something? It's been eons since there was last a Matthew Good demo. Something that I would look forward to than most everything else on the internet - back in the days when the odd demo would show up.
  3. Hi, I know it's super late to be asking this, but, as it turns out I have just come across some money to spare (money which I didn't have when it came time to buy MG concert tickets this fall). Why is money never around when you really need it... :huh:! Anyhow, I believe there are still some tickets left for purchase through Ticketmaster, but they are all the way at the very top of the third balcony... Not so great :( Would it be that crazy to ask (with the show being tomorrow and all) If anyone has a spare MG ticket, (that I can purchase) for this Tuesday's show in Edmonton (tomorrow)? Preferably not at the top of the 3rd balcony... And if your are are worried about spending your Matt Good concert experience next to some unknown stranger... Please don't. I have loved MG for a little over 10 years now, and in that time, seen everyone of his Edmonton tours, minus one of the acoustic shows. I'm no drooling fanboy, (just a fan of awesome live music) I have great hygiene, and my friends think I'm a pretty alright person (though I can't say the same for them, keeping in mind, none of them wanted to go see Matt good this year... <_<) So if anyone can potentially help me out and, is lucky enough to spot this message in time, please contact me by email: [email protected], -or- by Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pchoward Thanks , Paul Howard p.s. Do people still stand around and scalp tickets out side of concert venues these day???
  4. Can anyone send me A PM with a linky or something, for this file...? pretty please.....
  5. Anyone want to share the love with a poor old MG demo junky such as myself...??? So if anybody is up for this awesome feat of charity then pretty please PM me a linky or file.
  6. Me aswell. I'm looking for one or more tickets for the June 21st show in Edmonton... So if you or someone you know has extra(s), or tickets in need of offloading, for sale, let me know. Contact me > [email protected] Thanks
  7. Man!!!!!!! My eyes and ears!!!!!!!
  8. ALL DAMN NIGHT!!!!!!..... And right up till this very moment...I waited...And have waited and checked over and over..... I'm still dying here! Oh Gods... Please, Please, Please, Please.... Anyone out there willing to help a fellow Bored brother out???? (with getting the newest demo of course... shhhhh, don't tell anyone) Man... You know get this... I didn't actually bother to check, until early morning-ish, just how long ago/when "The Vancouver National Anthem" demo was originally posted/streamed...! Holly SHIT!!!... A freakin' week ago!?!?... Ahhh... Aww crap.... And I bet it was probably put up just hours after I lost my net connection. Which I didn't get back till yesterday. Man...Well...When I realised that I'm not just "a little late" on this demo, but a horrible f%#!&!$k'n damn, whole week late!?!?!?!... Yeah... That's right folks...You guessed it... That's when the irrational crazed anxieties over wanting to hear this new tune asap, quickly turned to many tears. And yeah... I know... I see and the trends on the Bored. I'm down with it. I'm not one of those "forum dudes" that just skips right to good stuff and that's all... When I come across a thread I'm interested in, I read it all man!!!! Right from the damn start!!!! I'm an information freak... And a disgusting Matthew Good junkie! But a whole damn week late...So stupid of me. And so pissed at myself cuz I didn't bother to notice/check the thread start date... And if I had, I bet I could've saved myself from all this 'mega-impatience to hear new demo NOW anxiety'. So Here we are with this now something of a general consensus, of the notion, to stop this demo-stream-capture file sharing, after so many super excellent new demos, in such a short period of time... Can't deny how awesome the last handful of demo filled weeks it's been. But, yeah...I understand...... But that doesn't mean I would restrict myself from one new tune after the other when they're flowing. I have to confess that Matthew Good surprise-internet-songs have always been like freaking CRACK to me... I'm so serious... LIKE TASTY ASS CRACK MAN!!! (FYI: talkin' bout the infamously uber addictive 'crack-cocaine' street drug that is of course)....... But as life seems to go...... There's excitement, but it wears down sooner or later, and it'll turn to disappointment and anxieties, that then will soon turn to tears, all the while bearing down on dreadful sadness and even regret, which in turn, as everyone knows, this will all ultimately turn into denial, then anger, and Eventually... Hate...Nasty dirty hate!! *sighs* Damn f**k'n stupid missed week. Well... I still hold out for hope... At least for now... But it fades.... See, cuz I'm not so naive. I get the goings-on's of the Bored. I have pretty decent comprehension skills and common sense... Well... Okay...Not so sure about the common sense bit... But with all and all, Things are starting to feel a wee bit raw here, and the scary hopelessness of not getting to have/hear this newest demo (At least not soon enough for my emotion well being) is starting to wind up right abouts now.... So.... I guess all I can really hope for, is for some charitable rebel with a membership to the Bored, and copy or some linkage of the new demo, to cross paths with these pleas for help...... Not all that unrealistic right? Eh? Hmm...? And just in case... You know... Keeping in spirits with holding out for hope and all... Below, is my personal contact email address: [email protected] And Hey... Any people that may be, and likely now for sure, feeling all itchy and annoyed by my pathetic super long rant/begging pleas for the new demo goodness... Feel free to be a mean-head, and use my personal contact info to call me an idiot and/or other nasty words of Your annoyed-meant. (I probably would) Or Heck!... You could even just drop me a generous, and most-wonderful gift of new-MG-demo-ness in the form of a linky, or file... Either or....
  9. PLEASE OH DEAR GODS!!!! I MUST HEAR THIS SONG NOW!!!! ARRRRAHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!!! My internet was poo-poo-by-by(gone)over the past week... Now I knew there would most likely (while I'm down) be a demo, or two, maybe more, that Matt will post, based on current Matt demo trends, while I'm offline. But for some ass-crazy reason this one I MUST have/hear now, this very second... NOW!!!! I just got reconnected and I came strait here to see what I've missed... but man... strangely as fuck, (i'm usually fairly patient) every single little particle in my body, and all of my whole being is screaming like mad-ass-crazy-nuts, even with a bonus accelerated heartbeat apparently, to hear this new demo at this very instant. I'm so fucking serious... I'm having some sort of anxeity attack hear or something... man!!! please.....someone help me and PM me with a linky or something... F%#k...!!! WTF!?!? I'm going to sit hear and keep on refreshing my inbox till i see something... I think i'm loosing it over here...... HEELLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. howiepea

    Bad Pennies

    Me needy too!!! Anyone with copies, or, linkages out there let me know... Please and thank you.
  11. Can someone please PM me with the link to this song aswell??? I would be very grateful... Please and Thank you.
  12. If Someone could also link me too? Pretty, pretty, pretty please......
  13. Hey, I'm looking for anyone out there who might have a extra ticket to tonight's (Monday 24th) Matt Good concert in Edmonton?? I will Pay up to $50 if I can get.... So anyone out there that has an extra ticket for tonight's show please drop me a line A.S.A.P. Thanks... [email protected]
  14. Heh!! So happy am I, that I found a Lost thread on The Bored... I hate starting new threads with fears of irrelevance, reposting and, or, posting in a wrong thread. So anyhow... I was searching for Matt Good video clips on the net/youtube, following a comment made by Anton, claiming that Matt has been on CBC's "The Hour" with George Strombo. I've always thought that would make for a kick ass interview, as I am a big fan of both The Hour, and Matt. Anyhow this is what I found instead.... ... A Lost fanvid composed from last week's season finally, featuring "Strange Days" as the backing song...Sort of done in the style of a music video... Definitely worth a watch if you are fans of both Lost and MG. Which I'm guessing if you're reading this you are.... ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj9VcMT1qho I've never been a big fan of fan-videos before... But I got to say this is quite relevant to this forum, this thread, and is actually pretty decent and fitting in my opinion. And on top of it all, I'm a MASSIVE Lost fan, and I was quite moved and impressed by the season 3 finally. Although it kinda left me with some mixed feelings... Mainly regarding what direction they might be taking the show in now... P.S. You know seeing this fanvideo only makes me question, something I find myself doing quite often, why Matt's music isn't more widely used in movie and TV soundtracks? It is my opinion that he has nearly the perfect style of music that makes for perfect TV and movie songs. Especially considering the emotional depth of his songs and lyrics... Its just the kind of stuff that producers of television and film look for and use. As well I find that the indie/art films and trendy television shows always seems to lean towards the lesser known and non mainstream artists for music sourcing.... Just something I'm always scratching my head over. :angry:
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