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  1. Church has been cast as the Villian in the upcoming spiderman movie, not superman. Jury's still out on who he's playing.
  2. I've officially had the album for 24 hours now, and have only one complaint. It's too short. Not that I think it should be longer, or i'm being stupid. The songs are just mainly Idol's typical 3 1/2 minute rockers, and I've now heard the album a few times over and have to give it a break. On the upside, i can tell you that It is spectacular.
  3. Man, dissappointed? I don't know how one could be. I mean, it's nothing like Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, or any of the other crap thats out there (not to call your taste crap), but it's solid rock man. Smile on your face, have a good time, rock n' roll.
  4. Ugh, an awful thought. Would Camilla Parker Bowles ever make it on to the money? I know it's unlikely, I only ask becasue of the recent press regarding the possibilities of her becoming queen after all. Looks like it might happen. I'd like to see Charles decide to forgo the crown and give it to his kid, maybe that would spur back some of the interest people had in the monarchy 30 years ago.
  5. Ok, it's official. Billy Idol is back, and he still rocks. This new album rocked my socks off, even if it's not quite as good as his old stuff, it's still a harder bit of rock than most of the stuff out there. I can't believe that he's 49 years old. Plus, his band really benefits from the modern recording sound, the tone is kickass. Also, Steve Stevens is such a great guitar player. His sound is off the charts on this disc. I think he's definately on the list of the best underrated guitarists in rock history. If you haven't heard it, the album is called "Devil's Playground", and the lead single is "Scream". Fuckin' A.
  6. Sorry, thats not what I meant - my surprise is genuine. How many people of university/high school age do you know that seem to really want to keep the queen? I don't really know any.
  7. I think what I like best about this program is what it says it is NOT supposed to do. Its not some kind of a treatment program, designed to get addicts off drugs. I'm sure that they're offered councilling and info about rehab, but thats not what this program is for. Its more about keeping people from resorting to prostitution or crime to get money to satisfy their needs. I mean, addicts are going to get drugs anyway, whats the downside to just making sure that they don't stab me in the gut with a an old rusty blade from a discarded exacto-knife to get my wallet just to pay for it? The arguements against seem a bit too based on the idea that drugs are inherantly evil, and any respectable government should never allow itself to be associated with them, have them on the premesis, or promote their use under any circumstances. That seems counter productive to me. Does anyone have any numbers of these European projects of a similar nature? Were they successful at all?
  8. Is anyone else surprised at how this poll turned out, considering how much fo the discussion seemed to push the "yes" side? Maybe i just need to read it again, but I was sure that No would lose big time.
  9. In order to play "can't get shot in the back", you've got to be non-amateur enough to know how to tune your guitar down a half step. (Matt does this a fair bit - it's a good skill to know). This may be why you're having a hard time figuring it out. From there, it's pretty straight forward. Am, C, Am, G, F (the barred one, not that crappy three finger one) Plus, theres a C, G at the "pictures of out savior" part. The "love ain't something I remember" part F, Am, C. Thats a very simple rendition, plus it leaves out the little stylistic stuff that makes his playing "his", but its close enough. Ps - I know that there is a possibility that this may be completely off, but it's damn close. If you have a different way to play it, please suggest.
  10. Its amazing what velocity can do when human beings are in season.
  11. Are there any groups in Canada that are pushing for STV on a national level?
  12. Gimme a Break. The damn poll asks what we thought of the interview, and I was dissappointed with the answeres I got. Maybe I just wanted to feel like he took more than 10 seconds to answer a question that I re-worded a couple of times to make it coherant, and was looking forward to getting an answer to. Are you somehow saying i'm not dissappinted with the answers I got? That I shouldn't be? Go to hell. I am. Don't tear me a new one because of it. Why are people so insistant on putting down other people's opinions just because they can on here. So i'll whine on this thing all I want, because hell, thats what everybody does. Thats my expert opinion. What did you expect? Please don't reply to this, I don't want to get pulled into another bullshit bored arguement - you won't get a response.
  13. I'm sorry. I mean, I was really glad that I got 2 questions on there, but pissed that I got one line answers. I know he doesn't have to answer them, I know that he did an interview at all is very cool, but if he's going to do the interview, he could at least give me the time of day. When asked about the possibility of a live album, I got "They cost money to make." When asked what his thoughts were about about "Audio of Being" getting voted your best album/favorite album on this site, I got "If people dig it then that’s fine with me." Wow, thanks a fucking lot Matt. Glad I took the time to think of thoughtful, intelligent questions for you. Next time i'll just ask what your favorite colour is, or what's your sign. Then when I can actually expect single sentence answers, I won't be dissappointed.
  14. Beautiful Midnight. Gold, jerry.
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