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  1. Poor guy. Like all things, he'll get through it in his own way. Hopefully it doesn't slow down his music, but fuel it with some personal passion like his older songs had. Again though, inspiration sometimes comes in cruel forms.
  2. Is Matt really going to play the bass on his next album? I thought I read it on his site, and I couldn't find it again. This thread is most-likely played out, but does anybody know?
  3. Melissa was fantastic live. Her EP was really good too.
  4. This song is one his most mature and well-written. I can't wait for his new CD thanks to this song. He is yet to dissapoint me with anything new.
  5. I have always felt really relaxed when I listen to "The Rat Who Would Be King." It shows off his voice and makes me just feel so damn good.
  6. Rich was an awsome bass player. I don't know why they would want to replace him. Oh well, best of luck to Rich if he is, in fact, out of the band.
  7. Is a DVD [of a concert or videos] or "Greatest Hits album" an option in the future?
  8. Matthew Good is one of the best artists in the history of music and maybe THE best Canadian musician. Everybody keeps bitching and crying about how Avalanche and White Light weren't as good as Matthew Good Band albums. They're both VERY good albums [better than most of the bullshit Canada is producing now-a-days] and they're different from his MGB albums which is [i imagine] what he was going for. Who cares if they're different? Oh boohoo they aren't the same sound and style as Beautiful Midnight. The best thing about Matthew Good is that he is opionated and all his albums have a theme. You can tell what album a song is on by listening to it. I can't stand bands that have every song sounding the same [such as Linkin Park] <---I use them in my example because they suck and they do sound the same. So everybody go get under the bedsheets and sob that Matt Good is doing what he has always done. Jeff.
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