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  1. Sorry I have not checked up on this in so much time. I have been travelling for work and have been off of the grid for a while. Thank you so much Uglyredhonda
  2. There was a Dear San Diego posted around the time late April or early May of last year. Reading it absolutely split me in half. It had become a catalyst for the rebuilding of my life. I had wanted to revisit that work so that I may see where I was at then, so that I may assess where I am at now. The new website does not have Dear San Diego published. Nor have I been able to find them here. Does anybody know where I can find them.
  3. Memphis was an excellent show! The playlist transcribed from Stu's copy is as follows: Giant Great Whales Load Me Up Born Losers I'm a Window Silent Army Black Helicopter Apparitions Weapon encore Single Explosion Last Parade Hello Timebomb (unlisted) Met some great MG fans there. I would like to thank AH for recording the show and posting it to youtube already. Cheers!
  4. If you are used to office and do not wish to learn how to use OpenOffice then you should just keep XP on your computer and use Office 2003. I have tried installing Office 2003 on earlier versions of wine and it just does not work. I have had success CrossoverOffice to make MS office 2003 work but it CO is not worth $40 to me. I prefer OpenOffice. I have had stability issues with every version of MS Office that I have ever used. I am a grad student who writes a lot of papers with a lot of data analysis which have lots of graphics. When your documents get ~10 pages long with lots of graphics in MS office has tended to crash and lose your work. OpenOffice may not seem as user friendly as MS Office. But after a little use you will realize that it is just different. I think that OOo is just as easy to use as MS Office. You do not have grammatic in OOo. However you do not have word auto-complete in MS Word. OOo may seem awkward at first, but you do do not have to pay $300 for it. Writer, Math and Impress in my experience are 95% compatible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively. Usually whenever you cannot view or edit a document it in my experience has been caused by a hack putting a platform dependent 'real time' data fetch link which in OOo on Linux just does not work. The actual occurrence of this malfunction is very low. I have never had lost a document from a program crash. I have not lost a document from a system crash. I have never lost a document from an OOo crash. I use OOo and Linux because all of the above have happened in MS Office on Windows. I admit I am a bit biased. I left the Microsoft platform out of frustration, So naturally I will tell of the negative reasons why. However, I encourage you to give OOo an honest try, I use it on a daily basis and I like it, as much as I can like a word processor. You cannot beat the price. If it doesn't work for you I costs just as much to uninstall it as it did to download it.
  5. Sorrry guys. I did google it. I came across some romance novel with a reference to an unrelated character named drusella. Then I searched The Bored and came up with no other answer. There is something cool here. A community devoted to a great artist. And rewards to people to speak out. I do not know who created this but I shall say thank you. Now saturnine thinks that that answer to who created the Bored is probibly referenced google. This time I will be lazy and not google "who created the bored." because some dumbass thinks my curiousity is not as good as anybody else's. (BTW I did not know there was a limit to the number of threads created borntohula) Hey everybody look at the guy who does not know his Roman history! Fransisco should know that Caligula thought he was Jove. How dumb is he for having a masters in statistics, and not a degree in western history. WTF. All I have to say is thank you Seanathon for having an answer 7 minutes after I aksed the Stupid question. Probibly the only guy who does not know what a bandwagon is, everybody call him/her stupid too (he/she builds a community a lot better than everyone else does). Sorry to dissapoint everybody. Maybe I should have asked a question like, "What do you think Matthew's Favourite colour is?" -- I think it may be green, because he is fresh like brocoli." My question is answered and I guess I'll be taking my banning tomorrow." ..... Thank-you Goodnight! Francisco
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